Personal Injury Questions Answered On Video

Personal Injury Questions Answered On Video

Personal Injury Questions Answered On Video

August 15, 2011
By: Scott Distasio
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What does a personal injury attorney do?


What shhould I do after a slip and fall injury?


What should I do if I am ever in a car accident?


If I think my mother is being abused in her nursing home, what should I do?

 These are just some of the many topics I have answered in online videos. The online video vault is a resource for all those who may have questions about personal injury law, nursing home abuse, motor vehicle accidents or a myriad of other topics.Each video in the vault covers a specific topic using plain English. They are designed to answer questions and impart information in a clear and concise manner in order to help you navigate a confusing and often frustrating system. They cover questions I have been asked many times and try to clarify what a personal injury attorney does.Some of the videos, like the one explaining uninsured motorist coverage, answer general questions. Others are directed towards those who are actively seeking a personal injury lawyer. The rest address those who are debating whether or not they need an advocate in a personal injury case.
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