Are Bed Handles Dangerous For Elderly Nursing Home Residents?

Bed handles or rails often seen on hospital and nursing home beds, may be deadly. Some of the bed rails can become separated from the mattress creating a gap that could be slipped into and often render the patient helpless.

Consumer advocacy group “Public Citizen” is petitioning to recall Bedside Assistant bed handles, and are asking for an investigation of other bed handles to see if they are dangerous as well. Bed handles, Inc is the manufacturer being specifically targeted by this public citizen petition. Bed Handles Inc is reporting 3 incidents resulting in death since 1999 and a 4th life threatening incident.

As a Nursing Home Neglect attorney, I am currently handling a case in which an elderly patient at an assisted living facility was asphyxiated because she slipped into the gap between the bed rail and mattress. This is a very real concern for the elderly community, and should be further investigated by the FDA. Contact us today to learn more.


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