Does Partier Deserve Compensation for Overdosing On Someone Else’s Stolen Drugs?

In 2007, New Jersey teen Scott Simon attended a party and took the Xanax another party-goer was passing out. Then 17, Simon fell into a coma after taking the drugs. Instead of calling for help, the other guests continued the party before eventually taking Simon to the hospital. Today Simon cannot walk without help and also has difficulty talking. Simon hired a medication error lawyer to bring a personal injury lawsuit.

According to, the Xanax was stolen by a former employee of a local pharmacy. Simon’s
bad drug lawyer has filed suit against the pharmacy, the parties host, the host’s parents, and various other party guests. The pharmacy error attorney’s theory against the pharmacy was that it did not take the proper precautions against theft. The theory against the host’s parents was that they left town during the event. The theory against the host and other party guests was that Simon should not have been given the drug and that he would not have suffered permanent nerve damage if he was treated immediately.

Simon’s medicine mistake attorney admits Simon does share in the responsibility for his injuries since he took the drugs. But the pharmacy, party goers, and homeowners should still be held accountable for their part in the accident. A settlement was reached in the case and Simon will receive $4.1 million for his injuries.


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