Electric Scooters Are Here But What Happens if You Get Hurt?

The fact that companies are seeking out ways to provide folks with alternative transportation methods is a very promising trend. Fewer cars on the road means less traffic and a smaller impact on the environment. While these experiments are important, they aren’t always handled in the safest manner. Case in point are the electric scooters flooding American cities.

You can’t walk a couple blocks in most downtown areas without coming across somebody zipping around on an electric scooter. They can be both an effective way to get around and a heck of a lot of fun, but they don’t come without risks. Because many of the companies who create these scooters have used guerrilla marketing tactics, like unexpectedly dropping hundreds of scooters overnight, the rules and regulations surrounding these devices are being made up on the fly. This means riding them can involve assuming a lot of risk.

Electric Scooters Are Here But What Happens if You Get Hurt?
Like most digital services, scooter apps come with user agreements that riders are theoretically supposed to read in detail before ever taking their first ride. Of course, that rarely happens. For example, did you know that every single one of these companies requires its users to wear helmets? You’d never think that rule was in place, given that nearly nobody you see on a scooter is wearing one. These agreements also state that the manufacturer is not responsible for any injuries that result from riding one of their scooters. When somebody gets injured, the company will use this agreement as a means to resolve itself of any responsibility.

Earlier this year, a man was struck by a semi-truck while riding a scooter in Tampa. Tragically, he died as a result of his injuries. Stories like these demonstrate how pressing it is for Florida law to determine the status of accidents involving scooters. As of now, everything’s up for debate.

If you are injured in an accident involving an electric scooter, it’s easy to feel like you have no one to turn to. Working with an attorney can help make sure somebody is held responsible for your injuries. Call us at (813) 259-0022 to find out how we can help.


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