Make Sure You Get The Right Prescription

In the past I have written blogs describing ways to prevent you from becoming a victim of
prescription error. The Salt Lake Tribune’s Article ”
Make sure you get the right prescription” is a very informative article that gives additional information regarding prescription errors. Because it was written by a Salt Lake City newspaper, Florida residents may not have had the opportunity to read the article. Here is a brief overview of the tips in the article.

  • Ask your doctor about any instructions on how to take the prescription, and make it clear what other dugs you are taking.
  • Download the “My Medicine List” and carry your list around in your wallet or purse. That way if you are hospitalized in an emergency, all the medication you are taking will be readily available to hospital personnel. This can prevent serious complications.
  • Compare hospital discharge papers with your home medication list, If the hospital added new medication or illuminated medication, ask about any differences, and review them with your doctor.

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