Pharmacy Gives Pregnant Woman the Wrong Prescription, May Cause a Miscarriage or Birth Defects

Eway pharmacy error may cause a pregnant woman to miscarry or have a child with severe birth defects. Mareena Silva, six weeks pregnant, was given Methotrexate, a drug that aborts...
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Common Issues Causing Hospital Prescription Errors

Doctors at the Albany Medical Center did a study of more than 2,000 near miss prescription errors.  Crystal Phend wrote an article about this study for MedPage Today, which takes...
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Medication Error at Auburndale Nursing Home leads to Ban on Accepting New Diabetic Patients

According to an article in the Lakeland Ledger written by Robin Williams Adams, an Auburndale Nursing Home staff member gave a diabetic patient 1000 units of insulin instead of the...
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PASS Rx Hopes to Prevent Prescription Errors from Occuring

DA reports that as many as 1.3 million people are injured each year because of prescription errors, and in an article written for, Dr. Allen Mask reports that 7,000...
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Why is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Important?

Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage is a type of coverage on your automobile policy that protects you if you are involved in an automobile accident and the at-fault driver does not have Bodily Injury Coverage...
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Should Florida Lower it’s Auto Accident Insurance Minimums?

Republicans in Wisconsin have proposed a bill that would repeal provisions set by democrats in 2009 that raised minimum coverage limits on auto accident insurance. Scott Richmond of the Associated...
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Insurance Coverage for Personal Use of Automobile While in the Course and Scope of Your Employment

Here is a topic not many people know about, BUT EVERYONE who runs errands for their employer SHOULD know about. For most people, using their car to run an errand...
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Using a Letter of Protection in Personal Injury Claim

INJURED IN AN AUTO ACCIDENT WITH NO MEDICAL INSURANCE If you are injured in an automobile accident and you do not have medical insurance, it can be difficult to get...
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Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Staged Car Accidents

According to an Article written by Danny Valentine and published by the St. Petersburg Times, Tampa has the highest number of questionable car accident claims in the state of Florida and...
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Bartow Jury Awards $114 Million in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

According to the, on July 20, 2010 a Polk County, Florida jury at the court house in Bartow rendered a verdict of 114 Million dollars in a nursing home...
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