Patients Can’t Get Medications Due to Economic Slump

Turn in the economy has affected everyone. Now not only is it affecting jobs and debt, it is interfering with some peoples’ ability to get their prescription medications filled. The problem is that budget cuts and an increase in the demand for Medicaid have forced some county-run pharmacies to close their doors. We are not aware of the problem causing pharmacy mistakes like patients getting the wrong medicine. Instead, the problem is leading to patients simply not getting their medicine at all.

Many drug manufacturers offer some medicines for free to those that qualify. Unfortunately, Florida state laws prohibit drug companies from sending their medications directly to patients’ homes. Instead, county pharmacies are required to bridge the gap between patients and manufacturer’s drug assistance programs. In fact a health care provider must give his/her name, state license number, signature, and mailing address and receive the delivery of the medicine.

Unfortunately, Florida county run pharmacies are cutting back on these services. In Orange County, the health department has not yet closed its pharmacy. However, in Osceola County the county run pharmacies were closed. Furthermore, similar closings have occurred in many other Florida counties. As a result, the Orlando Sentinel reports Osceola officials are suggesting other options including switching to generic versions of prescriptions and using lower-priced chains like Walmart.

Of course this means that people that were getting their medicine free will now have to find a way to pay for it or go without.


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