Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Florida?

When considering why you should hire a car accident lawyer in Florida, many people worry about paying for the representation and if it is worth it. However, you might want to consider how challenging it will be to handle your case independently and that an attorney could secure a higher payout.

As you’ll learn, an attorney well-versed in Florida’s car accident laws may benefit your case in many ways.

They Will Manage Your Claim While You Heal

It does not take long before medical bills begin piling up. At the same time, you need to repair or replace your vehicle and take care of other expenses. Therefore, getting started early on your insurance claim is often beneficial. However, this process can prove challenging while undergoing treatment and healing from your injuries.

If you have a car accident lawyer handling your investigation and claim, they will manage this entire process from beginning to end. You do not need to worry about it. Instead, you can focus on healing while they develop a case, prepare the paperwork for your claim, and demand fair compensation.

They Understand the Procedures, Laws, and Deadlines

Florida car accident law is somewhat complicated. However, an attorney who understands how the state’s system works, when you can file a lawsuit, and your options for recovering compensation could simplify matters for you.

Many of these procedures and laws can significantly affect the outcome of your case. For example, Florida puts a deadline on filing personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits. Missing the deadline could bar you from recovering compensation, even if you would have qualified to do so. If you work with an attorney, they will be aware of the deadline in your case and ensure you meet this statute of limitations as well as any other applicable timelines.

Your Insurer Is Not On Your Side

While it may seem like your insurance company wants to reach a settlement and ensure you recover appropriate compensation, you must keep in mind that its priority is not your welfare. Instead, insurers generally task adjusters with paying out as little as possible and protecting their company’s bottom line.

They may have tactics and tricks they use to lower the payout you receive, including trying to get you to give a recorded statement or otherwise say things they can use against you.

An attorney on your side will manage all communication with the insurance companies. They know how insurance companies work and will protect your right to a fair financial recovery.

They Can Value Your Case and Seek a Fair Settlement

Determining how much a car accident claim is worth is not always easy. Before settlement negotiations begin, your attorney will determine the appropriate range for your claim. This process may require:

  • Gathering proof of recoverable damages
  • Placing a value on intangible losses
  • Working with experts to establish future care costs

Your attorney will add up the costs and losses you incurred and determine how much they believe you could recover in a fair settlement agreement. This figure may be significantly higher than what you would have requested on your own.

Car accident lawyers understand where to look for damages commonly overlooked by accident victims, such as rental car costs, intangible losses, and miscellaneous expenses. In this way, you might recover significantly more working with an attorney than you would without one.

You Can Learn More During a Free, Confidential Consultation

Most personal injury law firms provide complimentary consultations so potential clients can learn more about their case, legal options, and the firm’s services. These case reviews are free, confidential, and come with no obligation to hire the firm.

During this meeting, they will also explain how their fee schedule works. Most work on a contingency fee basis. You should not need to pay a retainer or other upfront fees. Instead, the firm will use its resources to further the claims process and pursue damages on your behalf. Their attorney’s fees come from any settlement or verdict they recover for you; they receive no attorney’s fees if you don’t recover an award.

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