You’re Not Taking Anyone’s Money: A Dangerous Falsehood Regarding Auto Accident Cases

There are many misconceptions surrounding auto accident cases, most of them perpetuated by massive insurance companies looking to protect their bottom line and warp public perception in their favor. While these myths come in a variety of forms, perhaps the most destructive is the idea that if you bring suit after a car accident, the other party is the one who’s responsible. There are very clear reasons why this falsehood persists, which I’ll get into in a bit, but first, I want to erase any confusion surrounding the matter.

The insurance company will pay for your damages, not another person. In fact, our insurance system is set up for this very purpose. You pay insurance premiums monthly so the company will protect you in the event something goes wrong. Of course, insurance companies lose money every time they pay out a claim, so they are always going to squeeze regular people to accept the lowest settlement possible.

You’re Not Taking Anyone’s Money: A Dangerous Falsehood Regarding Auto Accident Cases
To keep them from doing so, you have to be willing to continue your fighting to the absolute conclusion of a case. Far too many personal injury attorneys work for settlement mills that want to resolve your case as quickly and easily as possible. They may get you a few extra bucks than you’d be offered on your own, but they have little interest in making sure you receive everything you deserve. Instead, they want to give you a sense you’ve won, even if you really haven’t, and move on to the next case. When you’re working at high volume, turnover is the name of the game.

I take the exact opposite approach. If need be, I’ll take a case to trial and beyond. The only way to hold these companies accountable is to use the full might of the law on your behalf. The insurance companies have made that a complicated and arduous process in an effort to deter you from pursuing them. Don’t fall for it.

Auto Accident Cases
The biggest reason people assume their fight isn’t with the insurance companies is because the powerful insurance lobby has warped the lawsuit process in Florida, creating an extra layer of defense for their large institutions. In your first suit, it is the other party’s name on the case file, but it’s not their money on the line. Once a verdict is rendered, the insurance company of the other party will attempt to lessen the amount they have to pay. If that happens, we then bring suit against the insurance company to make sure you actually receive what you’re owed. It’s the insurance company who has the resources to pay you, and we will not rest until they take accountability.

The beauty of being willing to litigate every case you take is that you often don’t have to. It’s a lot harder for insurance companies to bluff you into a lower offer, as it were, if they know you’re going to call their bluff. The vast majority of cases settle before they enter court, but they only do so in your favor if your adversary, the insurance company, knows you’re serious. If they sense weakness or a willingness to give up, they’ve got you right where they want you.

Should you ever feel remorse about bringing suit in a car accident case? Absolutely not. The insurance companies have a social obligation to do what they purport to do. When they don’t, it’s on you and a skilled attorney to get what’s yours.


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