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Florida Legislature Set to Look at Personal Injury Protection Reform

Florida's auto accident personal injury protection coverage was established in 1970 with the goal of reducing exploitation. Unfortunately it has recently been plagued by fraud and staged car accidents. Lawmakers in Tallahassee...

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Florida Lawmakers Seek to Address Personal Injury Protection “Fraud Tax”

This summer, Robin Westcott was put in charge of a work group to study the increases in payouts under Florida's no-fault insurance system. The group met with members of Governer Rick Scott's cabinet in early November to discuss Read More

New Ordinance in Hillsborough County Addresses Insurance Fraud at the Source

Last week, commissioners in Hillsborough County unanimously approved an ordinance that purportedly addresses fraud associated with the staged car crashes that have plagued the area. As I have previously discussed here, Hillsborough County has become a national le...

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Florida Cabinet Members Seek PIP Reform

Sunshinestatenews.com reported recently that the Florida Cabinet has been discussing personal injury protection insurance (PIP) and the rising costs associated with the system....

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