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Tort Reform

Texas’s Tort Reform Law Has Not Reduced Health Care Costs

In 2003, Texas amended its state constitution. The change set limits on medical malpractice lawsuit payouts. At the time, proponents of this tort reform argued that these limits would reduce the cost of health care in Texas...

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New Hampshire’s Medical Malpractice Early Offer Settlement Option

There is a great debate over how to handle medical malpracticecases. There are also many arguments and points of view. Despite evidence to the contrary, some believe tort reform and mon...

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New Report Indicates Tort Reform Would Do Almost Nothing to Reduce Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is expensive, as is medical insurance. Experts have examined the origins of these costs and come up with numerous suggestions for how to reduce them. Tort Reformis one of the most controversial of the proposed solutions. Tort...

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False Medical Billing Costs Millions

The constant drum beat for tort reform relies heavily on the claim that personal injury attorneys and medical malpractice lawsuits are the cause for the out of control costs of today’s healthcare system...

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