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Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Handling Victims of Combative Residents

Nursing home residents that suffer from vascular dementia and or Alzheimer’s disease can become aggressive as they lose their memory. In fact aggression is one of the leading reasons people put their loved ones into nursing homes. Families become overwhelmed with the behavior and seek out help. Nursing homes market themselves to the families as having the knowledge, skill, and training to handle aggressive behavior. Some even have special areas within their facility to deal with the special problems of ambulatory alzheimers and dementia residents. They often call these areas memory care units.

The nursing home industry calls aggressive nursing home resident behavior combativeness. Aggressive and combative behavior exhibited by nursing home residents include yelling, screaming, cursing, biting, scratching, hitting, pushing, punching, throwing things and kicking.

Strategies to Prevent Injury From Combative Nursing Home Residents

The nursing home industry markets themselves as being able to handle aggressive combative residents. They also make a lot of money caring for them. However, when a combative resident causes injury, harm, or death to another resident, they will often claim it was unavoidable or that there was nothing they could do. Often, their explanations are simply not true. The following measures can drastically reduce and may illuminate the potential of a combative resident harming themselves or others:

  • Evaluate the level of combativeness of the resident to make sure the facility has the knowledge, skill and training to care for them;
  • Ensure the facility is not understaffed;
  • Train the staff to deal with the combative resident with compassion;
  • Identify what is triggering the behavior and remove the trigger;
  • Create a routine that is familiar to the combative resident;
  • Manage medications

What Should You do if Your Loved One is Harmed by a Combative Aggressive Nursing Home Resident?

The nursing home neglect attorneys at Distasio Law Firm are trained to figure out if the injury, harm, or death of a loved one in a nursing home was caused by facility neglect or abuse. When can also help hold them accountable for what they have done. It will not cost you anything to get us involved so call today for your free consultation.

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Hire Distasio Law Firm to Bring a Claim

After you have made sure your loved one’s issues have been addressed you should seriously consider hiring a nursing home abuse attorney from our law firm to bring a lawsuit against the facility. A nursing home abuse lawyer can hold the nursing home accountable for what they have done and help ensure no other nursing home residents suffer from the same type of abuse or neglect.

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