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Nursing home residents often rely on the nursing home staff to help them sit, stand, pivot, transfer, or walk. These residents often have difficulty moving in bed, getting out of bed, or even walking. They need help for these activities. As a result, nursing homes have written protocols on how to help residents accomplish these tasks.

However, having good policies is not enough because most injuries from dropping residents occur when a certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) fails to follow the nursing homes resident transfer protocols. This most often occurs because the nursing home is understaffed and or has failed to properly train its employees. When a nursing home is understaffed the CNA’s do not have the time to provide proper care to everyone in the facility. As a result, they rush through their job and cut corners. When a nursing home fails to train its staff members, the employees literally do not know how to properly transfer their residents. When the resident is injured as a result of being dropped, the nursing home will claim the injuries were unavoidable, the resident had a fall when no one was around, or that a CNA found the resident already injured lying in bed. Many times when Distasio Law Firm investigates these claims we find the facility employees’ stories just do not make sense.

What Kind Of Transfers Can Cause Injury?

Most patients that are dropped have some type of disability that either limits their ability to bear weight on their legs or prevents them entirely from weight bearing. The most common types of transfers that put this kind of resident at risk to be dropped include transfers from:

  • A Hoyer Lift
  • Bed to wheelchair
  • Wheelchair to bed
  • Wheelchair to shower chair or bath
  • The toilet or commode

The patients that can bear some weight will often need assistance of two CNA’s. These patients are most likely to be dropped when a busy CNA decides to transfer the resident on their own because they do not want to wait for help.

The nursing home residents that cannot bear any weight on their legs may need a machine called a Hoyer lift to pick them up and move them. Using a Hoyer lift takes a lot of time. These patients are often dropped because a CNA decides not to use the Hoyer lift to save time. Other times patients are dropped because the staff uses the wrong size straps or fails to connect the straps properly.

What Are The Most Common Injuries from Being Dropped?

The injury a frail patient suffers from being dropped can be life changing. The most common types of injuries include:

  • Traumatic Brain injuries, brain bleeds, and subdural hematoma
  • Fractured bones including facial bones, arms, hips and legs
  • Organ damage or bruising
  • Death

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