Plastic Surgery Errors

Are you the victim of a plastic surgery error? We can help.

We’ve all seen the gruesome pictures of celebrities and plastic surgery gone wrong. While this may appear amusing, it is far from funny when this happens to us or to a loved one. Plastic surgery is often necessary as a treatment to correct injuries sustained in accidents. Other times, we may decide to have cosmetic surgery for personal reasons, to enhance our appearance and remove or correct what we believe are defects in appearance. In any case, errors related to cosmetic surgery can have debilitating effects on our lives. Nose surgery, face lifts, breast augmentation and removal of unsightly skin conditions are a few of the most common elective plastic surgeries undergone today. If you believe you are a victim of an error having to do with plastic/cosmetic surgery, know that you do not have to fight for your rights alone. There is help available.

Compensation for Damages in Cases of Plastic Surgery Errors

If you’ve suffered a plastic surgery error, the consequences can be very damaging. Physical and emotional pain, repeated surgeries to correct errors involving additional cost, and psychological trauma are amongst the resulting after effects of a plastic surgery gone wrong. The law provides you the right to compensation, as in other medical malpractice claims if you are the victim of a plastic surgery error. Special damages for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills can be recovered for you by our firm. In Florida, a patient or an affected loved one must bring suit with two years of when they knew or should have known that their doctor or some other medical provider committed an error while treating them. Many thousands of lawsuits are brought every year in Florida where a doctor, nurse, hospital or ambulatory surgery center has committed an error resulting in disfigurement, costly follow up surgeries or treatments and loss of income. Punitive damages can also be awarded to a patient when a doctor, nurse or facility has knowingly committed an error during plastic surgery. We will assemble a team of medical experts who will analyze your case and prepare the most effective case possible to recover the damages to which you are entitled.

Plastic Surgery Malpractice Attorney in Tampa

If you think you may be owed compensation for the error of a plastic surgeon, please contact us today. We will vigorously pursue your claim and obtain the maximum amount possible. There is no fee unless we succeed in obtaining a recovery for you, and our consultation is free. At Distasio Law Firm, we care about every client’s case with equal diligence and provide the most competent representation available. Our staff will guide you through the different phases of your case, from initial consultation to settlement and/or verdict. Our firm has won numerous high profile verdicts for personal injury clients all around the state of Florida. Scott Distasio is a Board Certified Civil Trial lawyer in the state of Florida and has over 20 years of experience representing injured clients.

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