Why Attorney Advertising Works

Personal injury advertising campaigns works for the same reason all good repetitive advertising campaigns work. The consumer becomes familiar with the images and words that are part of the campaign. The repetitive nature of the advertisements condition the consumer to recall the information within them. When the consumer needs a personal injury lawyer, they will subconsciously choose an advertiser that has the spokesperson, slogan, sound bites and or written words within the advertising that is pleasing to them.

Why You Should Not Choose Based on Advertisements Alone

The fact that a personal injury attorney has an effective advertisement does not mean the lawyer is a good lawyer. It simply means the lawyer has hired an effective advertising and marketing company. The fact that a personal injury lawyer has an advertisement that is all over television, the yellow pages, and or the internet also does not mean the lawyer is a good lawyer. It simply means the lawyer has decided to spend lots of money conditioning consumers. The truth is that many of the personal injury attorneys that you see plastered all over every type of media spend most of their time marketing and running their businesses. They are excellent marketers. Often, however, they are not good lawyers. It has been so long since many of them have actually worked on a personal injury case, they would not even know what to do. When you sign up with this kind of firm don’t be surprised when the lawyer that acts as the spokesperson never works on your file.

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