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Our Florida Stribild attorneys are helping Florida Residents bring Stribild lawsuits. If you or someone you know has suffered from adverse conditions after taking Stribild, you may be able to make Gilead Sciences Inc, the maker of Stribild, take responsibility for the injuries its medicine has caused. Typical side effects may include osteoporosis, bone damage, and kidney issues.

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If you or someone you know has been injured from taking Stribild, the time may be limited to bring a claim and hold Gilead responsible. So call us or fill out our free case evaluation form before it is too late to make a claim.

What is Stribild?

Stribild is an antiretroviral drug that was used in the treatment of HIV and Aids. It combines elvitegravir, cobicistat, emtricitabine, and tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF). Stribild suppresses the damaging effects of HIV in HIV positive individuals, It also helps prevent HIV from causing AIDS.

In some ways Stribild has been a medically successful drug because it is so effective in suppressing symptoms of HIV, It has also helped the reduce the spread of AIDS. But Stribild can also cause many unwanted side effects when taken for an extended period of time. Lawsuits against Gilead allege it not only knew the drug would cause this damage but decided to market Stribild instead of a similar drug it owns for the sole purpose of increasing its profits. The ingredient in Stribild that is causing harm to kidneys and bones is Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate (TDF).

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What Damage Can Stribild Cause?

Stribild is believed to cause damage to kidneys, lactic acid build up in the blood (lactic acidosis), severe liver problems, and bone damage.

Injuries to Kidneys Alleged in Stribild Lawsuits

There is medical literature that discusses a strong link between Stribild and Kidney damage. The lawsuits allege Gilead knew the TDF in Stribild would cause these kidney injuries even before it began selling it, but did so anyway. Types of Kidney damage caused by Stribild include:

  • Declining Kidney function;
  • Chronic Kidney disease;
  • Fanconi Syndrome;
  • Kidney failure;
  • Acute Kidney failure; and
  • Acute renal failure

Injuries to Bones Alleged in Stribild Lawsuits

The medical literature discusses a strong link between Stribild and bone damage. The lawsuits state that Gilead knew Stribild was going to cause damage to bones prior to selling the drug but did so anyway. Types of bone damage caused by Stribild include:

  • Decreased bone mineral density;
  • bone loss;
  • Osteopenia;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Bone fractures;
  • Tooth loss;
  • Tooth decay; and
  • Dental problems

Stribild Lawsuit Allegations

The first lawsuits That alleged Stribild was harming patients were filed against Gilead in May of 2018. The lawsuits state that the active ingredient in Stribild, TDF, causes serious injuries including kidney damage and bone damage. Stribild lawyers allege Gilead knew this damage would occur to patients taking the medicine when it began selling the medication. Stribild attorneys also Gilead had already developed another version of the drug that does not pose the same risks of kidney problems or bone density loss. The other version of the drug is known as TAF.

Even though the early testing indicated TAF was safer and less likely to cause kidney problems or bone problems, Gilead stopped clinical research for the drug and did not attempt to bring it to market right away. The lawsuits allege Gilead purposefully delayed researching TAF until the patent for Stribild was running out. During this time, Stribild was earning Gilead as much as $11 billion per year.

This helped increase Gilead’s profits at the expense of its patients because once a patent runs out, generic drug makers can produce the same drug and compete with Stribild. This would cut into Gilead’s share of the TDF market. By waiting to get FDA approval for TAF until the patent ran out on TDF, Gilead almost doubled the length of time before it would have competition selling its HIV drugs.

All this time HIV positive Americans were taking Stribild with TDF without being advised of the increased risk or the safer alternative. Many of these people are Florida residents.

Even the FDA tried to warn Gilead by sending it two warning letters. According to the Stribild lawsuits, this did not stop drug company representatives from making false claims about the drugs safety and downplaying the side effects.

As of this writing the first federal Stribild lawsuits have survived a motion to dismiss. In that case the judge ruled federal laws and FDA regulations do not bar most of the claims. This is the first step making Gilead take responsibility for its actions. It means Stribild lawyers can continue gathering evidence of Gilead’s wrongdoing and continue to bring additional lawsuits.

Florida residents can file Florida Stribild lawsuits now. If you have been injured by Stribild a Florida Stribild lawyer can help you do so as well. Not only will filing a Stribild lawsuit help make Gilead take responsibility for its actions, it will also help compensate those Florida residents suffering kidney or bone damage as a result of taking the drug.

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Frequently Asked Stribild Lawsuit Questions

This page will help answer questions about Stribild lawsuits. If you read this page and you still have questions, you can call us and our Stribild lawyers in Florida will answer your questions.

Who Can Bring an Stribild Claim?

Any person that has osteoporosis, broken bones, or kidney damage as a result of taking Stribild can make a claim.

Is It Wrong to Bring a Lawsuit for Damage Caused by Stribild?

Large corporate interests spend all kinds of money to try and convince people like you that its wrong to bring a lawsuit for money damages. But the truth is Gilead has made billions of dollars selling a drug that it knows may be causing harm to people. Whats worse is the fact that Gilead knows there is a much safer alternative. Don’t let the false claims about lawsuit abuse prevent you from making Gilead take responsibility for any corporate wrongdoing it might have committed. Bringing Stribild lawsuits will persuade companies like Gilead to take patient safety into account. In addition, for the people injured by the drug, the lawsuits will provide them with money to pay medical bills caused by the drugs side effects and will provide compensation for loss of enjoyment of life.

Should I File a Stribild Lawsuit in Florida?

Our Florida Stribild lawyers are waiting to help you decide whether it makes sense for you to make a claim and where your lawsuit should be filed. We can gather the evidence necessary for your case and act as your Florida attorneys. If you have kidney damage, kidney failure, Fanconi syndrome, broken bones, or other bone problems caused by taking Stribild, you should definitely make a claim.

Your claim may involve allegations that Stribild caused bone damage or kidney damage. Either way, this should not affect the type of lawsuit filed on your behalf or where that lawsuit is filed. The important issue is to make sure your individual damages are properly evaluated, and you are compensated for what happened.

You certainly do not want a Stribild class action lawsuit in which your portion is a small symbolic settlement. Our lawyers can help protect your your interests. Instead of a class action lawsuit, most Stribild claims will likely be brought on an individual basis to ensure individual treatment. In all likelyhood all cases will be brought together in a multi district litigation (MDL) for the purpose of gathering evidence. But each claim will be decided on its own merits and compensation will be decided based on the amount of damages of each individual.

Who Can Make a Stribild Claim?

Anyone that has suffered damages because of taking Stribild is entitled to bring a Stribild claim against Gilead. The likely cases to succeed will include damages suffered from kidney damage, kidney failure, osteoporosis, broken or brittle bones, and decreased mineral density.

Is Their a Limited Time to File a Stribild Lawsuit as a Florida Resident?

Every state has its own unique statute of limitations. As a result, you have to bring your lawsuit within the statute of limitations for your particular state. In Florida, the statute of limitations is 4 years from when all the elements of the lawsuit have occurred. In addition, there is a statute of repose of 12 years. Don’t decide on your own if the time has passed to bring a lawsuit. It may not be. Instead, you should contact us as soon as possible before time runs out.

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