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It is unfortunate when a swimming pool accident occurs because an injury or loss of a loved one can be heartbreaking. Children are most commonly associated with swimming pool accidents and many can be avoided with proper supervision. Pool injuries vary but those that are most troubling involve accidents that cause brain injuries and drowning. If you or a loved one has sustained an injury from a swimming pool accident it is important to understand your legal options. In some cases the owner of the pool may be responsible.

Scott Distasio can offer you a free initial case evaluation to discuss your particular case and what he can do to assist you. Depending on the case, it may be a negligent lifeguard, property owner or daycare facility that can be held responsible for your accident. By investigating your particular case and establishing the cause of the accident, Attorney Distasio can work to prove that the negligent party should be held liable.

Slip and Falls, Dog Bites & Security Negligence

Swimming Pool Accidents and Premises Liability Claims

Pool owners and many property owners are responsible for the safety and well-being of the patrons using their pool facilities. Pool drownings are common for young children and adults with health problems because owners have neglected their responsibility to ensure safety on the premises. In situations like this, a wrongful death claim may arise if there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the owner or operator of the pool facility was at fault for not ensuring sufficient safety or disregarded the necessary safety measures needed.

How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Typical Swimming Pool Accident Causes

  • Lack of life preserver on premises
  • Slip and fall hazards
  • No sign of lifeguard on duty
  • Low water levels
  • Electrocution as a result of water interacting with a conduit
  • Pool components that are broken or damaged
  • Improper warning or caution signs
  • Broken glass surrounding or in the pool

Swimming pool accidents are usually categorized as premises liability because they occur at a public pool, gym, hotel, or friend’s house. It is up to the property owner to ensure that they’re pool is safe and free of hazardous conditions.

Whether the injury is minor or severe Distasio Law Firm understands how difficult it is to deal with a swimming pool accident. We take pride in providing you with the legal assistance you need so you can focus on recovery or spending time with loved ones. Contact Distasio Law Firm today regarding your swimming pool accident.

How to Get Full Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

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The Distasio Law Firm Difference

How do you know if you have hired the best Tampa swimming pool accident lawyer? The simplest way to know is to find a lawyer that has all the below characteristics.

  • Knowledge and Experience Handling Swimming Pool Accident Cases
    Your lawyer should not only know Florida swimming pool accident law. That lawyer should also have years of experience handling pool cases. Scott Distasio has been handling car swimming pool cases for over 27 years. His years of experience investigating, negotiating, settling, filing lawsuits, taking depositions, and going to trial will absolutely make a difference in your case.
  • Independent Verification of the Lawyers Ability
    All attorneys claim they know what they are doing. Their marketing materials may also be persuasive. But you will only know the truth about that lawyer if the lawyer is rated by respected independent non-biased rating systems. Scott Distasio has an “AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell law Directory. This is the highest rating an attorney can receive for both ability and ethics. Scott Distasio is also Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Trial law. To achieve this accomplishment a lawyer must have tried a minimum number of cases to a jury and pass a competency exam. Less than 1% of all Florida lawyers are Board Certified.
  • Willingness and Ability to Go to Trial
    Not all personal injury cases go to trial. The truth is most cases settle. But if your case does need to go to trial it’s important to hire a law firm that has the experience, resources and ability to try your case. Scott Distasio is a board certified civil trial lawyer. This gives him the right to call himself an expert trial lawyer.
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