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If you have been the victim of a serious head injury, you may be uncertain about how to proceed with filing a claim. Head trauma cases usually require extensive medical care, and you may be buckling under costly medical bills and expenses. At The Distasio Law Firm, our legal team of attorneys can provide you with the legal advice that you need to file a personal injury claim. People throughout the Tampa area and Florida choose our law firm because we provide one-on-one legal counsel and skillful representation to help personal injury victims fully recover from their injuries. Choose to recover with the best help you can find, from our firm today.

Head trauma or a head injury is defined as any injury that causes damage to a person’s head, scalp, or brain. Most head injuries are further categorized as open or closed. An open head injury is when a person is hit by an object that penetrates the scalp, skull, or brain. A closed injury is when a person is struck by an object in the head, but the object doesn’t penetrate through.

When a person sustains head trauma, they will usually have either a concussion (common traumatic brain injury) or a contusion (bruise located on the surface of the brain). Both a concussion and a contusion can be extremely severe and lead to life-threatening side effects for the sufferer if not immediately diagnosed and treated.

How to Get Full Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

Head Trauma Side Effects

People who sustain head trauma or a serious head injury are likely to develop numerous mental, physical, and emotional side effects. These side effects may include, but are not limited to:

  • loss of consciousness
  • vomiting
  • bleeding
  • brain swelling
  • brain bleeding
  • brain hemorrhage
  • chronic headaches
  • seizure
  • pupil dilation
  • loss of coordination
  • slurred speech
  • confusion
  • loss of memory
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Searching for an Attorney for an Injury Case Resulting in Head Trauma?

Before an individual chooses to file a personal injury lawsuit involving a head injury, it is important to consult with a skilled personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling catastrophic injury cases. The Distasio Law Firm is committed to alleviating the pain and suffering of victims with vigilant legal representation in court. Your personal injury case can help you recover the compensation you need to fully recover from your head trauma, and we are here to help you accomplish your recovery goals. If you have questions about a head injury case, please contact us today for your initial consultation.

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The Distasio Law Firm Difference

How do you know if you have hired the best Tampa head trauma lawyer? The simplest way to know is to find a lawyer that has all the below characteristics.

  • Knowledge and Experience Handling Head Trauma Cases
    Your lawyer should not only know Florida bodily injury law. That lawyer should also have years of experience handling brain injury and head trauma cases. Scott Distasio has been handling these cases for over 27 years. His years of experience investigating, negotiating, settling, filing lawsuits, taking depositions, and going to trial will absolutely make a difference in your case.
  • Independent Verification of the Lawyers Ability
    All attorneys claim they know what they are doing. Their marketing materials may also be persuasive. But you will only know the truth about that lawyer if the lawyer is rated by respected independent non-biased rating systems. Scott Distasio has an “AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell law Directory. This is the highest rating an attorney can receive for both ability and ethics. Scott Distasio is also Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Trial law. To achieve this accomplishment a lawyer must have tried a minimum number of cases to a jury and pass a competency exam. Less than 1% of all Florida lawyers are Board Certified.
  • Willingness and Ability to Go to Trial
    Not all personal injury cases go to trial. The truth is most cases settle. But if your case does need to go to trial it’s important to hire a law firm that has the experience, resources and ability to try your case. Scott Distasio is a board certified civil trial lawyer. This gives him the right to call himself an expert trial lawyer.
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