Garbage truck accidents can be destructive and even fatal. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lists every reported incident of garbage truck employee fatalities, listing crushing, speeding, and being run over as some recurring causes of death.

These accidents can be rare and might appear as “freak accidents” in some cases. However, employees are not the only ones who can be injured by a garbage truck. Total collisions with large trucks rose by 48 percent between 2009 and 2018, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which includes garbage trucks.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a garbage truck accident, an experienced truck crash attorney could help you collect compensation for your injuries and other losses. Contact Distasio Law Firm for more information on what a Tampa garbage truck accident lawyer can do to help you with your case.

Should You Hire an Attorney After a Garbage Truck Crash in Tampa?

Hiring an attorney may protect your rights after a truck accident. In addition, an injury lawyer’s protection may benefit:

  • Your health: Insurance claims and lawsuits can tax your mind and body. Those who deal with claims and lawsuits on their own will face stress, pressure, and responsibilities that require a sound mind and body. As you heal from your injuries or mourn the loss of a loved one, a claim or lawsuit could further compromise your health. By hiring a lawyer, you may spare yourself from the hardship of your truck accident case.
  • Your case: A dedicated Tampa lawyer will defend your rights throughout your garbage truck accident case. Their assistance may prevent insurance companies and defendants’ attorneys from taking advantage of you, thereby compromising your chances at financial recovery.

Though an attorney cannot guarantee you a financial recovery, they can fight for you every step of the process.

Is Distasio Law Firm the Right Choice for You?

With the benefits of hiring an attorney in mind, you should know what Distasio Law Firm offers. Our firm puts the client first, responding to all their questions and concerns. We will also lead your entire case so that you can focus on recovery.

Our team is geographically positioned to help you from our office in Tampa. We’ve also produced a track record of winning for our clients, with recoveries including:

  • A settlement totaling more than $13 million
  • A $12 million verdict
  • A verdict of more than $7 million

These are just a few of the many wins we’ve secured for our clients. Each case has its value, and our diligent Tampa garbage truck accident attorneys will pursue the best possible recovery for you.

What Former Clients Say About Distasio Law Firm

Our clients explain why so many accident victims trust Distasio Law Firm:

  • “Distasio Law Firm was very helpful and friendly at all times. Scott and his team went into detail in every aspect of my case and made sure I had no questions left unanswered. Distasio Law Firm was very receptive to my calls and emails and always got back to me in a timely manner.” – Barbara McCloy, former client
  • “Called lots of attorneys, over the phone they tried to judge my incident and said there is nothing there. Scott asked me for my medical records. Called me later and said he thinks we have a case. And from there we had the case settled quickly. Very professional and very efficient.” – Michael Melton, former client in Tampa
  • “I am beyond pleased with hard work and dedication given to me. My case was upsetting for me, but the staff was understanding and patient. I am so grateful for the support I received and the outcome of the case.” – Maria Fischer, former client

We work to deliver sterling client care in every case. Our team will work hard to win for you while making you feel like part of the Distasio Law Firm family.

We Can Determine Whether the Garbage Company Is Private or State-Run

Garbage truck companies can be privately owned or run by a local government. This can make a distinct difference in who might be held liable for your garbage truck accident and how long you have to file a lawsuit if you decide to pursue one.

Government entities, for example, may be excluded from the statute of limitations, which can sometimes mean you have a shorter timeline to file a lawsuit against them.

Depending on the circumstances of your garbage truck accident, you might be able to hold the following parties accountable for your damages:

  • The garbage truck driver, be it a private or government employee
  • The garbage truck company
  • The local government that runs waste collection
  • The maintenance worker or company that last worked on the truck
  • The manufacturer of the garbage truck and its parts
  • A third party involved in the accident, such as a passenger vehicle

Your Lawyer Can Help You Calculate Your Damages

A garbage truck can cause extensive damage to a victim beyond physical damage to their vehicle or body. In some cases, victims might feel the effects of a traumatic event, depending on what the garbage truck accident involved. If you bring a personal injury lawsuit, as the plaintiff, you have a right to demand compensation for each injury you sustained in the accident, which includes multiple types of damages.

“Personal injuries” are not synonymous with bodily injuries, though they do include them. You can sue for compensation for every loss you experience as a result of the accident that personally affected your life, meaning your injuries can be physical, mental, emotional, and financial. These losses are referred to as damages and might include:

  • Medical treatment expenses, including psychological treatment and physical therapy
  • Loss of income due to having to miss work to recover from your injuries
  • Property damage, which can extend to repair bills or total replacement value of your property
  • Reduced earning capacity if your injuries affect your ability to perform the same work duties as you did before the accident
  • Pain and suffering you felt and continue to feel
  • Future financial losses you expect to incur due to your injuries, such as job loss, being behind on rent, and future medical procedures

Wrongful Death Claims After a Garbage Truck Accident in Florida

If you lost a loved one in a garbage truck collision in Tampa, a compassionate lawyer could pursue compensation for losses you experience because of their wrongful death. These losses can be financial, such as funeral expenses or loss of financial support from your loved one. Other sentimental losses can be noneconomic, such as losing the love and compassion your loved one provided to the family.

Placing the Right Value on Your Garbage Truck Wreck Injury Claim

Your lawyer can categorize your damages and assign monetary values to them. They may also collect evidence to prove you experienced these damages as a result of the accident.

You might use the following forms of evidence to support your damage claims:

  • Receipts and invoices
  • Proof of salary, such as paycheck stubs or bank statements
  • Photos and videos of your injuries, including their healing process
  • Journal entries about the problems you suffered after the accident
  • Witness testimony from people who knew you before and after the accident
  • Expert testimony supporting the extent of certain damages, such as your injuries, vehicle damage, and psychological damage

The team of experienced Tampa garbage truck crash lawyers at Distasio Law Firm can provide a free case evaluation, during which you tell your side of the story to let one of our team members. We want to help victims who have gone through turmoil after their garbage truck accident.

Our Law Firm Will Do What It Takes to Complete Your Case

At Distasio Law Firm, we help you with your case from the moment you call us until the day it gets resolved, whether with a settlement or a judgment. Throughout that process, our team will perform several tasks to help you prepare your case.

If you decide to work with a lawyer from our firm, you can expect our team to help you by:

Gathering Evidence

While you might have some pieces of evidence available to you, such as the crash report and your medical records, gathering other forms of evidence might require the assistance of an attorney. Things like retrieving trucking company information and black box data can be hard without the proper legal forms and actions. Your lawyer can assist you with obtaining this evidence.

Communicating with Other Parties

Rather than be worried about what you say to insurance representatives and lawyers, let your attorney handle those communications for you. We can speak on your behalf while being defensive of your rights and interests.

Filing Paperwork

Both claims and lawsuits require an extensive amount of paperwork, which can be overwhelming when you are still recovering from your injuries.

Representing You in Meetings and Hearings

Whether you want to negotiate a settlement or commit to a lawsuit, your lawyer will serve as your legal advocate, presenting your arguments on your behalf.

Hire a Tampa Garbage Truck Accident Attorney from Distasio Law Firm

If a garbage truck driver injured you in an accident, you might be entitled to collect compensation for your injuries and other accident-related damages. Our team at Distasio Law Firm can investigate the cause of the accident, who might be liable for the accident, and whether negligence was involved.

Call us today to speak with one of our staff members about how a Tampa garbage truck accident lawyer from our firm can help with your case. Our lawyers also work on a contingency fee basis, so you do not have to worry about paying any attorney’s fees unless we win your case, in which case our fees would come out of your compensation award, not your pocket.


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