Workplaces of all kinds are potentially dangerous locations where you could suffer an injury resulting from little more than doing your job. In most situations, your employer will have a workers’ compensation insurance plan in place that allows you to file claims for benefits after illnesses or injuries that leave you unable to work. However, these benefits may not be enough to cover your losses. In addition, not every incident that occurs while at work will fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation.

A Wesley Chapel workplace accident lawyer at Distasio Law Firm could help you explore your legal options after a job injury or illness. Our team of Wesley Chapel injury attorneys could explore the actions of third parties, evaluate your workspace for hazardous conditions, and even pursue cases against employers that allege gross negligence as being the source of your damages.

Workplace Injuries and Potential Compensation

All employees are vulnerable to accidents that can happen while at their place of work. While people normally think of jobs involving construction or heavy machinery to be especially dangerous, the unfortunate fact is that even people employed in retail stores or offices could suffer debilitating injuries at work.

Most of these incidents will force an employee to seek financial recovery through a workers’ compensation plan. These plans explicitly shield employers from direct liability for on-the-job injuries or illnesses.

Even so, the option may exist to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against third parties, the makers of equipment, or even the employers themselves. This might be possible if another person’s negligent actions were the cause of a person’s losses, if a failing product contributed to the injury, or if the employer was grossly negligent in allowing a dangerous condition to be present on the job site. An experienced Wesley Chapel workplace accident attorney could explain the ideas behind lawsuits that take place outside the concept of workers’ compensation claims.

Lawsuits for Job-Related Injuries Could Cover Necessary Damages

A worker’s compensation claim only provides limited benefits under Florida state law. More specifically, they will pay for all needed medical care related to an illness or injury and provide partial wage reimbursement for all time missed on the job. For many workers, this is insufficient to cover the losses related to their injury.

The purpose of a lawsuit is to cover these gaps. These lawsuits can demand payments for the remainder of an injured worker’s missing wages. They may also seek out payments for lost quality of life that is never applicable in a workers’ compensation case.

Even if a workers’ compensation case is pending or has already ended, it is crucial to act quickly when pursuing these additional payments. Florida Statute § 95.11 sets a time limit of two years after the date of an injury for most personal injury cases. Talking with a workplace injury lawyer in Wesley Chapel now allows them to move swiftly to meet this deadline.

Contact a Wesley Chapel Workplace Accident Attorney Today

We are all vulnerable to accidents that may occur while doing our jobs. Even seemingly safe professions may expose us to hazards that can threaten our health and ability to earn a living. In most cases, a workers’ compensation insurance claim is the sole way to pursue damages following an injury on the job. However, certain situations may allow you to hold other parties responsible for your losses. In cases like this, it’s best to contact a lawyer for a car accident in Wesley Chapel.

If you were injured at work, a Wesley Chapel workplace accident lawyer is ready to fight for you. The dedicated team of attorneys at Distasio Law Firm could perform a full investigation into the incident, measure how the event has changed your life, and demand that negligent parties provide the payments that you need to fully recover. Call now to learn more.


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