What Should I Do Next If I Suspect My Loved One Has Been Abused or Neglected?

What Should I Do Next?

How are you to know if you should report nursing home abuse? It may seem like a big step to take, especially when you are not 100% sure that abuse is actually taking place. However, you do not need undeniable evidence in order to report abuse. It is well within your rights to raise concerns you have about your family member, so do not hesitate to let someone know about your worries. Unfortunately, the elder may not be able to clearly state what is going on. Whether it is due to decreased mental faculties or because they are afraid the caregiver will retaliate against them, just because the patient says everything is fine does not mean that it is. If you suspect your loved one is being abused or neglected in a nursing home, you need to act fast.

Document Everything

Write down in detail why you believe abuse or neglect is happening and everything you observe about the issue. Document your concerns in detail, take photographs if warranted, and then request to speak to the nursing home Administrator and or Director of Nursing. During your meeting make sure you describe in detail all of your complaints and politely demand the facility create a detailed written care plan to address your concerns. Get a copy of the care plan for your records. If you believe the nursing home can resolve the problem then use the written care plan to monitor the facility and make sure they do what they say they will do.

If you do not believe the facility is capable of resolving the problem and you believe your loved one is in immediate need of medical attention, then transport your loved one to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. If the problem is not a medical emergency, then look for another nursing home and get your loved one out of the facility as quickly as you can.

Report the Problem to AHCA

The Ombudsman and AHCA are in charge of monitoring nursing homes. Each of them can investigate, document what they find, and make the nursing home do the right thing. By reporting the problem to them you can ensure that someone separate from the nursing home will look into the problem.

Still Not Sure What to Do Next?
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Hire Distasio Law Firm to Bring a Claim

After you have made sure your loved one’s issues have been addressed you should seriously consider hiring a nursing home abuse attorney from our law firm to bring a lawsuit against the facility. A nursing home abuse lawyer can hold the nursing home accountable for what they have done and help ensure no other nursing home residents suffer from the same type of abuse or neglect.

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