Does size matter when choosing a personal injury law firm?

Size doesn’t matter when choosing your personal injury lawyer, and here is why.

You see the billboards that some personal injury law firms here in Florida have on the sides of the highway. “SIZE MATTERS”, and the truth is, it doesn’t. We can prove that size doesn’t matter in your choice of law firm, and here we will talk about why that is, and how you can make sure you are hiring the best personal injury lawyer for your injury case.

Money drives the biggest firms, not quality.

First let’s talk about the large firms, the biggest firms you see advertising on tv, radio and billboards. These “big firms” have huge advertising costs and spend literally millions of dollars a month advertising for each location. That means they need to collect on tons of cases every month, not only to cover the cost of multimillion-dollar advertising expenses, but they also must pay their staff.

But how can they do that? These large firms, we call them settlement mills, stockpile loads and loads of cases and have “case managers” or paralegals working those cases. The attorney can’t watch over and manage each case and barely sees those files. The lawyer then cherry picks files they believe are large cases and puts their attention to those few cases and may never work on your case themselves at all, and the entire process was handled by a case manager rather than your lawyer. Your lawyer may not even know a demand and settlement was completed until the close of the process when your file drops off their workload list. So now the lawyer is focused on only a select few cases they believe may turn into large settlements, and your case is handled by a case manager and may settle for far less than it is actually worth. That’s not because your case doesn’t have value, but because the “biggest firm” needs cash flow to cover ad costs and staff costs. We know this, because we have been approached by these “biggest firm” clients who aren’t happy with the settlement they said it should be settled for. When we have taken these cases, we are able to take it litigation and get the right outcome for the client with a fair value for the lawsuit.

Some small firms have issues, too.

Now some small firms also have issues too. Sometimes, your small local law firm doesn’t have the resources to bring your case to trial. What we mean by that is that when a case deserves to go to trial, some small firm lawyers do not have the experience or expertise to take a case to trial, and may be afraid of losing if they do, and so they also push for you to accept a low settlement. Sometimes your case deserves to go to trial, but the small firm just doesn’t have the ability to secure and pay for the required experts which can run thousands of dollars each and are required to prove your case in front of a jury.

You never base your choice on law firm on the size of the firm, whether they are small of large. Base your decision on what lawyer to hire based on their ability to handle your case properly. Experience, expertise, board certification, trial history, and peer reviews. What do other lawyers have to say about them, what do past clients have to say about that lawyer. You want to know if your lawyer has trial experience, has the ability and resources to hire the right experts, and the tenacity to fight to the bitter end for you, the client, the person we are here to help.

When you choose your law firm, it’s not about size, it’s about QUALITY, choose Distasio Law Firm.

Distasio Law Firm, founded by Scott Distasio, who has over 32 years of dedicated injury law experience, is a Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and is “AV” rated by peers for ability and ethics. Distasio Law Firm has the resources, the ability, the expertise, and the devotion to our clients to take that case to trial if it deserves it. We are in the business of helping people, and you as our next client can rest assured our team will not only do everything to win fair value in your case but will handle your case with the personal touch. You will never be just another number, you will always be treated as a person, a human, a client.

Call Distasio Law Firm, top rated personal injury lawyers in Florida, because we are here to help.



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