Should I Settle My Nursing Home Abuse Case or Go to Trial?

When you or your loved one suffers abuse or neglect in a nursing home or long-term care facility, you may wonder whether you should settle your case or take it...
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The Consequences of Not Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida

If you've suffered a personal injury in Florida, you may be wondering whether you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. While it's possible to represent yourself in a personal...
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Understanding Coup-Contrecoup Brain Injuries

Injuries to the brain can occur in a variety of ways and can range from mild to severe. One type of brain injury that is not well known is the...
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Injuries from a Dog Bite in Florida: Holding the Dog Owner Accountable with a Lawsuit

A dog bite can be a traumatic and painful experience, especially if it results in serious injuries. In Florida, dog owners have a legal responsibility to control their pets and...
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Premises Liability: Understanding Your Rights as an Injured Party in Florida

Premises liability is an area of law that holds property owners responsible for maintaining a safe environment for visitors. If you have been injured on someone else's property due to...
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Understanding the Statute of Limitations in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Nursing home abuse is a serious issue that affects a significant number of the elderly population in Florida and across the county. When a victim of nursing home abuse wishes...
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Hair Relaxer Mass Tort: Harmful Effects on Women’s Health

Hair relaxers are a popular cosmetic treatment used by many individuals, especially those with tightly coiled hair, to straighten and manage their hair. However, hair relaxers have been linked to...
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The Personal Injury Lawyer Riverview, FL Residents Trust – Distasio Law Firm

Accidents can happen anywhere, and when they do, they can leave you with serious injuries, emotional trauma, and financial stress. If you've been injured in an accident in Riverview, Florida,...
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Horrifying truths told by a nursing home facility staff member.

Deciding to trust in the care of a nursing home is an emotional and difficult decision. A decision must be made, one that will be extremely difficult for all family...
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Rapid Increase in severe violations in Florida’s nursing homes

Serious Spike Violations in Florida’s Nursing Homes, Hire our skilled attorney if you suspect abuse of neglect.  Florida, which has more than 700 nursing homes, has seen a dramatic increase...
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