There are two main causes of pain in the shoulder that a person can have after a car accident. The most common cause is bracing with the arm extended. For drivers, this happens because the driver grips the steering wheel tightly upon impact. The arm muscles tense to resist the forces of the impact, but the shoulder is not strong enough to withstand the compression.

For passengers, the mechanism of injury is similar, but the steering wheel is not involved. Instead, the passenger braces the hand on something at the front like the dashboard or a car seat.

The other main cause of shoulder pain after a car accident is a whiplash shoulder injury. Apparently, the rapid whipping back and forth motion of a car accident can cause shoulder injuries. According to one study, 83% of shoulder injuries from car accidents occur due to the seat belt.

Types of Shoulder Injuries You Can Suffer in a Car Accident That We Can Help You Sue for

Many different types of shoulder injuries can occur from a car accident. Below are the most common shoulder injuries for which we can help you file a claim:

  • Shoulder impingement syndrome after a car accident
  • Rotator cuff tear after a car accident
  • Labral tear after a car accident
  • Shoulder dislocation after a car accident
  • Shoulder fracture after a car accident
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Why an Insurer Might Reject Your Shoulder Injury Claim

Insurance companies often claim impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears, and labral tears are solely caused by degenerative changes and not the trauma from a car accident.

In fact, they routinely pay certain defense medical doctors lots of money to testify to juries that people legitimately injured by the trauma from a car accident are really just suffering from degenerative changes. A good injury lawyer can usually overcome this argument by getting the support of the injured person’s treatment doctors and by cross-examining the defense medical doctor.

You can also document your shoulder injury and the medical treatments you received for it by keeping copies of your medical records and invoices, as well as a daily journal of how your life has been affected by your injury. Photos, videos, and witness statements can also support your case for an injury claim or lawsuit.

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