If you have been hurt in a hit and run crash, you may still be able to receive compensation for your injuries despite the driver leaving the scene of the accident. A Florida hit and run accident lawyer at Distasio Law Firm can use our resources to investigate your accident and see if the negligent driver can be found or if you may be able to recover compensation through your insurance.

We offer free case reviews, which include a consultation with one of our team representatives. During this call, you can tell us more about the injuries and damages you suffered, and we can arrange to have a capable auto wreck attorney from our team handle your car accident case.

We Can Review Your Policy to See if You Have UM or UIM Protection

When the at-fault driver leaves the accident scene, it might have you wondering who is going to cover the damages you suffered. As our client, it is our incentive to find a solution for you, whether that involves investigating your accident to see if the at-fault driver can be found or looking into your insurance policy to see if you have coverage.

Uninsured Motorist (UM) and Underinsured Motorist (UIM) Coverage

Many insurance policies offer uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, though it is not required for drivers in Florida to purchase either type of policy.

Both UM and UIM coverage ensure that a victim can receive the financial help they need should they get into an accident with someone who does not have enough or any coverage to pay for the damages. If you have purchased UM or UIM coverage as part of your auto insurance plan, you may be able to file a claim and receive compensation for:

  • Your medical expenses
  • Any income you lost due to your injuries or lack of transportation
  • Property damage costs, including costs to replace your vehicle if necessary

Regarding hit and run accidents, UM coverage covers those accidents because the consequences are similar to having a driver without any auto insurance available to cover damages.

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If you do not have UM insurance and the hit and run driver has still not been found, our team may look into other types of insurance policies to cover your accident, such as home insurance.

We Can Help You Fight for Compensation for Your Hit and Run Accident Damages

Once we establish whether you have options to pursue compensation, our team can then begin calculating the value of your damages. This helps us gauge how much compensation we should pursue to cover your current and future damages so that you don’t run into shortages later on if other damages arise.

Depending on whether you file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit against the hit and run driver (assuming they are discovered), you may be able to receive compensation for the following types of damages:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Property damage, such as costs to repair your vehicle
  • Current and future pain and suffering
  • Loss of income, including benefits and pensions if applicable
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Damages related to living with a long-term or permanent disability, including physical disfigurement
  • Diminished quality of life, including loss of enjoyment in former hobbies and activities
  • Emotional distress caused by the accident

You may be entitled to claim other types of damages, which our diligent attorneys can inform you of after reviewing your hit and run wreck case in Florida.

If the Hit and Run Collision Led to Your Loved One’s Death

If your loved one passed away in an automobile accident and the at-fault driver fled the scene, our team wants to help you find the driver and hold them liable for other damages related to this traumatic experience.

Surviving families may be entitled to collect compensation for:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of financial support from the decedent
  • Loss of consortium
  • For children, loss of parental guidance
  • For spouses, loss of companionship

Our Legal Team Will Do the Hard Work to Build Your Case

At Distasio Law Firm, we pride ourselves on the case results we have earned for previous clients, with some settlements reaching over $1 million. We put in the same effort to win fair compensation for every client we take on, and we aim to continue helping victims get the justice they deserve.

Our lawyers will work together to build your injury case about your Florida hit and run crash. This may involve:

  • Organizing a separate investigation: Our team may work with the police searching for the hit and run driver while also conducting separate searches to find evidence or new information relevant to your case. This may involve speaking with witnesses, consulting an accident reconstruction analyst, and requesting video footage from nearby surveillance or traffic cameras.
  • Preparing legal materials for your case: From filing an insurance claim to preparing legal motions to begin the litigation process, your case may involve an extensive amount of paperwork. Our team can draft and edit these materials, then submit them on your behalf as your legal representatives.
  • Representing you throughout your case: Insurance companies, legal attorneys, investigators, and other interested parties may reach out to you for statements about your case. Our team can navigate these communications for you to protect your case and provide statements when necessary. We can also appear in out-of-court meetings if there is potential to discuss a settlement deal.
  • Presenting your case in court: While many auto collision cases in Florida settle out of court, we are prepared to send one of our dedicated attorneys to present your case in front of a judge and jury if necessary.

One of our team representatives can discuss our services in more detail in your free consultation.

Florida’s Statute of Limitations Sets a Deadline for Most Personal Injury Cases

Per Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a), you generally have two years from the date of your hit and run accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. If you are filing on behalf of your deceased loved one, this deadline changes and leaves you about two years from your loved one’s death to file your lawsuit, according to Florida Statutes § 95.11(4)(b).

While two years might seem like more than enough time to submit your case, there are other factors you should consider, such as:

  • If you do not get testimony from witnesses right after the accident, they might forget key information about the driver or the accident in general, making their testimony unreliable.
  • Certain evidence may be time sensitive and expire after a set period, such as video footage from surveillance cameras or black box information.
  • If you let too much time pass before reporting on the hit and run accident, it may be difficult to tie it to your injuries.

Our team can help you file your case on time, but our work can only begin once you agree to work with us. We’ll build your case for you, then update you as it progresses.

Drivers Flee Accident Scenes for Various Reasons – but They Should Still be Held Accountable

If a driver is involved in an auto accident in Florida, they have a duty to stop and make sure no injuries, fatalities, or property damage occurred. The law requires drivers to stop at the scene of the accident and exchange their information with other drivers involved. Florida law also imposes a duty to render aid if the other party appears to be hurt and in need of emergency help.

If a driver chooses not to stop at the scene of the accident, there can be severe penalties.

Hit and Run Drivers Can Face Harsh Penalties

If the police can locate the other driver, an investigation may be pursued. Hit and run drivers are often found through witnesses of the accident or from damages to vehicles involved. Law enforcement generally looks into the reasoning for the hit and run, and the defendant can receive harsh penalties.

If the accident resulted in the injury or death of another person, the driver who ran from the scene will have committed a third-degree felony. The penalties for this offense can include:

  • Jail time
  • Fines
  • License suspension or revocation

If the driver is located, criminal proceedings will follow. While your civil action will not be affected by the other driver’s criminal case, we may review their case and use it as part of our legal strategy to fight for compensation on your behalf.

What Makes a Driver Want to Flee an Accident Scene?

A driver may choose not to stop after an accident for various reasons, including:

  • They were driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • They did not have a valid driver’s license.
  • They were afraid to go to jail.
  • They were trying to avoid fines and costs involved in car accidents.
  • They had road rage.

Despite the other party’s reasoning, it is unacceptable to run from the scene of an accident. Our team will work hard on your behalf so that you can find closure in your case.

We’re Here to Help You with Your Hit and Run Accident Injury Case

Our law firm has handled various car accident injury cases. If you are looking for knowledgeable legal counsel to represent you, reach out to a Florida hit and run accident lawyer today to discuss what we can do about your case.


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