If you have ever been in an auto accident, then you know how stressful the whole situation can be. Not only do you have to deal with the immediate problems of the accident, but you also have to deal with the recovery from the accident. That means getting repairs done or replacing your car, dealing with hospital bills, and the potential loss of wages due to missing work. It can all be a mess to deal with unless you have the right help.

An auto accident attorney can help in several ways. Auto accident attorneys can help you navigate the recovery process including filing your claim, seeking compensation from the other driver, or negotiating with the insurance company. If you feel overwhelmed dealing with your auto accident, then it may be the right time to get an auto accident attorney on your side.

Hiring an auto accident attorney can be a good thing for you, but only if you get the right attorney. At Distasio Law Firm, our experienced injury attorneys know what it is like to have to deal with an auto accident. We have the right experience helping drivers in the Lutz area get the compensation that they deserve. Call our office to schedule a consultation with a Lutz car accident lawyer.

What to Look for in an Auto Accident Attorney

Pasco County 2022 car crash report

Motor accident report for PAsco COunty Florida, 2022. Data reflected is on reported incidents. Call Distasio Law Firm if you are ever in a car accident.

Hiring an auto accident attorney can make dealing with a motor vehicle collision in Lutz much easier, but only if you get the right attorney. There are qualifications, skills, and experience that you want to look for when choosing your attorney. To find the right attorney, you want to look for these qualities before hiring a car accident lawyer:

  • Experience helping people in your area
  • Expertise in auto accidents
  • Experience litigating cases
  • Experience working with or fighting insurance companies
  • Available resources
  • Someone that you can trust

The more of these traits you can find in a car crash attorney, the better you will feel about hiring that attorney. Regardless of what qualifications you find, verify that the attorney is licensed in your area and has a good reputation.

Beyond that, look for an auto accident attorney with extensive experience and resources. Handling auto insurance claims and cases can take a lot of time and resources. You want an attorney that knows what he or she is doing and has the resources to get things done. You can easily research this by asking about the attorney’s case record. By looking at past cases, you can see how the attorney handles problems and the type of experience that the attorney has.

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To hire an attorney, start by finding these traits. You can search for local listings or you can check with the local certification office. Every lawyer must be registered with a licensing agency for the area that you are in, so they can tell you more about a lawyer that you have in mind. Once you have narrowed down your lawyer choices to a select few, vet all of them simultaneously. Check their references, case histories, and education histories to get a sense of what each lawyer can do. Once all of that is done, choose your top one or two and have a consultation with them. You will discuss your case as well as have the chance to talk to your attorney about their experience and skills. Choose the one that you think fits the best.

Benefits of Working with a Lutz Car Crash Lawyer

Working with a Lutz auto collision attorney can make the entire process of recovering from an accident much easier. Attorneys can handle many parts of the process for you including negotiating with insurance companies or other drivers. Plus, they can file claims, which is something that everyone has to do with their auto insurance after an accident. If you are overwhelmed by everything that you have to do, and you are recovering from physical injuries, then reaching out to a capable car accident lawyer from our Lutz office is a good idea.

Florida’s No-Fault Laws

Florida is a no-fault state in terms of deciding who is responsible for an auto accident. While this has several benefits, it can also have several drawbacks. Florida no-fault laws protect you from having to pay for the other driver’s costs if you are found at fault. However, that also means that the other driver has the same protection. In any case, everyone is responsible for their own costs regardless of who is responsible for the accident. This also means that it will be very difficult to seek compensation from the other driver, even through a lawsuit.

Negotiating with Auto Insurance Providers

You have a contract with your insurance provider that essentially says that you will be covered in case of an accident, but most contracts give the insurance company a lot of room to decide what should be covered and how much it is worth. If you think that your insurance company is not covering your claim fairly, then you may need to negotiate. An auto accident attorney can negotiate with your insurance company, which should lead to better payouts for you. Attorneys have extensive experience negotiating a settlement with car insurance companies. They can use those skills to work things out with your insurance provider.

Discuss Your Case with a Lutz Car Accident Attorney Now

Finding the right attorney for your case can take some time and effort, but is well worth the effort. Having a good attorney can make a big difference in how your accident is handled. Distasio Law Firm is a leading auto accident attorney firm in the Lutz area. We can help you with a variety of legal issues including motor vehicle collisions. Give our office a call for a free consultation with a Lutz car accident lawyer. We want to help you deal with your auto wreck so that you can make a full recovery and move on.


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