There are few things more frustrating than knowing your pain and suffering could have been prevented if another person had made better decisions or acted more carefully. At Distasio Law Firm, our team understands the stress and frustration you feel after suffering injuries in a Sarasota collision caused by a drunk driver.

Let us review your case, explain your options, and possibly help you hold the at-fault driver accountable. A drunk driving accident lawyer serving Sarasota from Distasio Law Firm may be able to help you navigate the claims process and recover a payout for your accident-related losses and expenses. If you were hurt in a crash, an experienced auto wreck attorney from our firm can assess your case during a complimentary consultation today.

Let Our Team Help You Understand Your Options After a Drunk Driving Collision in Sarasota

If we work together on your case, your drunk driving accident lawyer from Distasio Law Firm will always put your best interests first. We want to help our clients hold the drunk driver who caused their injuries, financial stress, pain and suffering, and other losses accountable for their actions.

A car accident lawyer serving Sarasota from Distasio Law Firm may be able to secure a payout on your behalf based on your specific expenses and losses. You can learn more about this process and how we help accident victims through stressful and difficult times during your free case review.

Understand the Distasio Law Firm Difference

We know that a question may cross your mind: Why should I hire Distasio Law Firm to represent me after a drunk driving accident in Sarasota?

First, consider what our former clients say about our firm’s will to win:

  • “Excellent service, a firm that truly has clients’ best interest at heart. Scott & Leslie were a wonderful help, assisting with questions and seeking the best settlement for my case. Thank you, Scott, you are highly recommended by your colleagues in the legal profession.” – Barbara Genna, former client
  • “Everyone at Distasio Law Firm is amazing. There was never a time that I did not feel that they were working in my best interest or that they were working hard. If I asked, it was answered. Scott proved to me that he was willing to do everything in his power to help me get back to normal, and Leslie worked tirelessly to make it happen as quickly as possible. I will definitely refer others to Distasio Law.” – Amy Cook, former client
  • “I really needed a detail-oriented and experienced law firm for my complicated case. Leslie was absolutely amazing with explaining the process and helping me throughout my very serious injury. I am so thankful I took the time to choose the right personal injury attorney. Scott Distasio was excellent.” – Brenda S., former client

Your choice of attorney may be the most important decision you make after a drunk driving accident. When you choose our team, you hire a firm that fights relentlessly for the financial recovery you deserve. Though case outcomes are never certain, our work ethic is.

While you work to recover or cope with the loss of a loved one, we’ll be working for you. Our team will handle every duty that your case requires, and we’ll protect your rights along the way.

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Understanding Criminal Versus Civil Drunk Driving Cases

When people consider the implications of drunk driving, they generally first think of the criminal penalties the driver could face. Florida takes drunk driving seriously, and someone who drinks, drives, and causes an accident could face:

However, this has little to do with helping you pay for your medical care or taking care of other expenses. To hold the driver responsible for your damages, you will need to pursue a civil case against them. This is generally possible in one of two ways:

1) Filing an insurance claim based on their bodily injury liability coverage

2) Filing a lawsuit and going to court in a civil trial

Just as you will not recover compensation in a criminal court, the driver will not go to jail for the findings of a civil court. However, both cases are important for holding a drunk driver accountable.

The burden of proof is lower in civil cases than in criminal cases. To recover compensation for our clients, we do not need to prove the driver was drunk, driving, and caused the accident. While a guilty verdict in a criminal court can support our claim, it is not necessary. We may still hold the driver responsible if we can show they caused the accident, regardless of their state of impairment.

You can trust the team of diligent attorneys at Distasio Law Firm to assess your Sarasota drunk driving accident case and determine your options for holding the at-fault driver accountable. If we represent you, we provide the financial support and effort necessary to build a solid case and pursue damages. We only get paid from the financial recovery we secure in your case, never out of your pocket. To learn more, contact Distasio Law Firm for a case review.

Recoverable Damages Following a Drunk Driving Collision in Sarasota

At Distasio Law Firm, we believe accountability is important. You should not have to foot the bill for your accident-related expenses when you did not cause the accident. The driver who made a careless, foolish, or reckless decision, especially one as preventable as drunk driving, should be responsible. This is exactly why we pursue civil cases on behalf of our clients.

By filing an insurance claim or other civil action against the driver who caused your crash, we may recover money damages that include a range of accident-related expenses and losses. Recoverable damages could include:

  • Treatment, other medical expenses, and future medical needs
  • Lost wages, benefits, and diminished ability to earn
  • Any other expenses paid out of your pocket
  • Property damage
  • Non-economic losses such as pain and suffering

When a victim passes away from their injuries following a drunk driving crash, a wrongful death action may be warranted. Under Florida Statute § 768.21, the personal representative of a victim can seek additional payouts on behalf of surviving members of the immediate family, including their spouse, children, and parents. Eligible parties may vary from case to case.

We can help you with your claim if this is the right option for your family.

You May Have a Limited Time to Take Legal Action to Hold the Drunk Driver Accountable

Per Florida Statute § 95.11(3)(a), drunk driving accident victims in Sarasota only have a limited time to begin the process of taking their case to court. Most claims settle before a lawsuit becomes necessary, but we do sometimes need to file a lawsuit and represent our clients in front of a Sarasota County civil court judge.

Generally, accident victims have two years to file a personal injury suit and two years for a wrongful death action, per Florida Statutes § 95.11(4)(d). However, there are exceptions to these rules, and you may have a different timeline that applies to your case. Contact us as early as possible to ensure you do not miss your chance.

Every Drunk Driving Accident Victim in Sarasota Deserves Justice

Victims of drunk drivers should face no barriers to justice. Too often, the cost of legal representation prevents a victim from hiring an attorney. This is never the case with Distasio Law Firm. All of the financial risk is with us, as our firm:

  • Pays for all case-related expenses: We may hire experts, third-party investigators, and other human resources to help with your case. You pay no direct cost to hire these resources. We also pay any other expenses that your case requires.
  • Requires no upfront compensation for our attorney: Unlike certain other law firms, you won’t pay our attorney a flat fee or hourly rate. In fact, you won’t have to pay a fee out of your own pocket under any circumstance. If we secure a settlement or judgment, then your attorney will receive a percentage. If we don’t secure compensation for you, then you don’t pay us a fee. For you, there is no direct financial cost to hire our firm.
  • Fights for victims who deserve it, regardless of their financial means: Our fee structure allows us to accept drunk driving accident cases because victims deserve justice. Money is never an issue. If you’ve been needlessly harmed and we can help, then that is what we will do.

Our team can explain our fee structure further during your free consultation.

Speak to Our Team About Your Sarasota Drunk Driving Crash

A Sarasota drunk driving accident lawyer from Distasio Law Firm may be able to represent you in the claims process and recover a payout that justly compensates you for your injuries and losses. Reach out and speak with a team member about your case today. We can assess your legal standing and may be able to hold the drunk driver accountable for their reckless actions.

Call Distasio Law Firm today for your FREE consultation. We have team members who can discuss your accident with you available now.


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