CVS Gave Woman Ear Drops Instead of Eye Drops

Carolina woman, Lori Smith, went to the Rowan County Health Department last year when she developed flu-like symptoms. Diagnosed with pink eye, she was given a prescription for Neomycin-Polymyxin drops which she took to her local CVS. A lawsuit filed by Smith’s pharmacy error attorney, Michael Nash, alleges that rather than eye drops, Smith was given ear drops by the pharmacy.

The Salisbury Post reports the label on Smith’s medication instructed her to, “use two drops every three to four hours for five days to both eyes.” According to the lawsuit, the drops caused a burning sensation when used in Smith’s eyes, so she called the pharmacist the next day. After explaining the situation to the pharmacist and telling him the box said, “use in ears only,” the suit alleges the pharmacist told her the drops were safe for her eyes and to continue placing them in her eyes.

After a week of using the drops, Smith returned to the Health Department which confirmed she was given the wrong medicine and referred her to the Piedmont Eye Physicians and Surgeons. It turns oot that ear drops contain chemicals that are “toxic and dangerous for use in the eyes”. The doctors there found her vision had deteriorated form 20/20 to 20/80 and there were abrasions on both her corneas. Her diminished vision caused her to fall, further injuring herself. Her injuries also caused her to lose her job and she has been unable to return to school.

The drug error lawsuit accuses CVS of pharmacy negligence.


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