Consulate Health Care Fails to Report Abnormal X-Ray Results for Resident

Consulate Health Care of Winter Haven was cited for abuse when the facility failed to report an abnormal radiology report. This resulted in the delay of treatment that was necessary...
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Eye Infections Linked to Pharmacy With History of Errors

At any pharmacy you visit, you generally assume that the medications you are being given are safe - they have been measured out correctly, were already approved by the FDA,...
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Top 10 Medication Errors – Mail Order Pharmacy Dangers

The use of mail-order pharmacies has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Some health insurance companies even require their insured to order many medications online or over the...
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Top 10 Medication Errors – Mistaken Patient Identity

The first article in this series discussed drug errors that can occur when two medications have similar names. Whether the names sound close to one another or have similar spellings, this kind...
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Top 10 Medication Errors – Failing to Adjust Medication Dosages

In this series, we have explored some of the many different ways that a patient might suffer harm as a result of a medication error. Once your doctor prescribes you...
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Top 10 Medication Errors – Taking A Medication That Is Not Safe For You

Top 10 medication errors. There are many reasons why a medication might be considered an unsafe medicine for a particular patient. In addition to concerns about drug allergies, some medications...
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Top 10 Medication Errors – Insulin Overdose

In hospitals, among the top 10 medication errors are insulin overdose and other insulin errors. Patients living with diabetes can suffer severe injuries and even death if they are administered...
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Top 10 Medication Errors – Failure to Identify a Drug Allergy

One of the most common types of medication errors patients face is a medical care provider’s failure to identify when a patient has a drug allergy. There are many protocols...
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National Hospital Safety Scores Reported

The Leapfrog Group is a national non-profit organization founded by leading private healthcare experts and the nation's top employers. The organization seeks to save lives “by reducing injuries, accidents and...
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Top 10 Medication Errors – Getting the Wrong Dosage

The number of people who are made sick each year by medication errors is staggering. There is no mandatory reporting system in place for incidents when a doctor prescribed the...
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