How To Prevent Spring Break Tragedy

According to a recent analysis of crime and accident statistics, reported by; Orlando, Florida is the most dangerous spring break Destination with Daytona Beach as a close second, when compared to the 25 most popular spring break spots in the country.

The number one danger while on spring break is alcohol related events. Drinking has always been a popular thing to do during spring break. In fact a study at the University of Wisconsin showed that 75% of college males and 43% of college females have reported being intoxicated on a daily basis during spring break. Not only can drinking lead to physical injury of you or the people around you, criminals in these popular vacation spots often target intoxicated people. Here are some tips on drinking safely:

  • Pace yourself: Avoid hard alcohol or other powerful drinks as the effects are much faster.
  • Be aware of alcohol poisoning: Drinking on a daily basis for a whole week can do very real damage to your body and your body may begin to reject the alcohol. If you or a friend becomes sick from alcohol don’t adopt the “they’ll be fine” attitude. Call an ambulance immediately, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Drinking on the beach: The sun can increase the effect of alcohol by dehydrating your body. Be sure to drink water throughout the day. If you feel faint or lightheaded, drink water immediately and find shade.
  • Hot Tubs: Jacuzzi’s and hot tubs dilate blood vessels and lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. The effects of alcohol are felt sooner and stronger under these conditions; this can lead to unconsciousness and drowning.

The most dangerous thing you can do on spring break is get behind the wheel. Even Sober drivers in popular Spring Break locales are in danger due to the amount of drunk driving that occurs at these destinations. So please do everyone a favor by not drinking and driving, always have a safe plan of getting home or to a hotel. As stated above, beaches and hot tubs increase the effectiveness of alcohol so drinking even a little bit can cause your blood alcohol level to be higher than you would normally expect, so don’t take a chance behind the wheel.


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