New Fabric Designed to Help Reduce the Risk of Pressure Sores

When a person remains in the same position for too long he can develop a pressure ulcer. Wounds can develop when blood flow to an area is reduced or obstructed by unrelieved pressure on flesh that lies over bone. Irritation of the skin caused by humidity, incontinence, or even friction caused by bedsheets can increase the risk of a patient developing a pressure sore. Second only to bad reactions to drugs, these injuries are the most common doctor-related complications that lead to death. They happen more frequently to elderly patients and wheelchair users. Also known as bed sores, these injuries are all too common indications of nursing home neglect.

In an effort to help doctors and nurses reduce the risk of bed sores, EPIC Corporation has developed a new fabric. According to Knitting Trade Journal, the newly announced AcuFab is a knitted fabric that has concave and convex grooves that provide ventilation and encourage circulation. In addition to relieving back pain and stiffness, the fabric’s design is meant to help prevent the development of pressure sores. Promotional materials state that the fabric is meant to cushion the body and more evenly distribute a person’s weight.

A nursing care facility that employs the use of this fabric or other tools cannot rely solely on technology to prevent pressure ulcers. Medical experts almost unanimously agree that the best way to prevent the formation of bed sores is to move patients, sometimes as often as every two hours. While those who suffer from nursing home neglect can die due to untreated wounds, pressure sores are not necessarily deadly if caught early and treated properly.


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