If a doctor or another care provider made a careless or reckless mistake that caused you to suffer additional injuries or worsening illness, you may be able to hold them responsible and collect a payout to cover your medical care, lost time at work, and more.

A Sarasota medical malpractice lawyer from Distasio Law Firm may be able to handle the claims process for you, including meeting all requirements related to providing an expert medical opinion in your case. You can talk with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about the medical malpractice lawsuit process to hold wrongdoing medical professionals accountable. SARASOTA MEDICAL MALPRACTICE LAWYER

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How Medical Malpractice Occurs and Affects Victims’ Lives

While unexpected and poor outcomes are sometimes unavoidable, no patient should suffer injuries or additional pain and suffering because of a doctor’s negligence. When medical negligence occurs, it is because a doctor or another care provider deviates from the usual protocols and processes that protect their patients from harm.

Florida’s medical malpractice statutes, found in Florida Statutes Title XLV, Chapter 766, outline a process that allows victims of medical negligence to hold the doctor or hospital liable. This requires a medical expert to testify under oath that malpractice occurred and for you to outline what happened and the damages you suffered while navigating a very specific and time-sensitive process.

This process may be difficult to manage on your own even if you were not facing additional medical care, rehabilitation, and ongoing recovery from your injuries or illness. This is where we come in. We can handle your claims process and seek compensation on your behalf if we believe you have a case. We encourage you to reach out to us if you or a family member suffered pain and suffering as a result of:

  • A missed diagnosis
  • A wrong diagnosis
  • A medication error
  • A surgical error
  • A birth injury
  • Any other deviation from the expected standard of care

When a doctor, nurse, or other trained medical care provider acts outside the acceptable standard of care expected from someone with their training and experience, the patient could suffer preventable injuries, serious complications, severe reactions or side effects, or advancing illness. Medical malpractice may also cause permanent injuries and even death.

Reach out to one of our knowledgeable attorneys about your potential medical malpractice claim in Sarasota, and we will review your options with you. If we agree to represent you, our team will investigate your case and medical records and file your claim. We only receive attorney’s fees from the payout we recover. If we do not win your case, we will not get paid. SARASOTA MEDICAL Negligence LAWYER

Work with a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Sarasota from Distasio Law Firm

When you choose a skilled medical malpractice lawyer in Sarasota from Distasio Law Firm to represent you in your case, you will find a team of empathetic, compassionate legal professionals who are committed to putting your best interests first. Like you, we believe it is important to hold the health care facilities doctor or hospital accountable for their unprofessional and negligent behavior that caused you harm.

We will protect your rights, investigate the incident, and meet Florida law requirements to hold the negligent party or parties responsible for your damages. This includes using our network of medical experts to identify and work with someone who can confirm medical malpractice occurred and testify as to how it affected your physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

You can speak with our team to learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you during this stressful and frustrating time. At Distasio Law Firm, we believe no one should have to try to go through this alone. Let us help.

Navigating the Process to Seek Compensation After Sarasota Medical Malpractice

There is a very strict process you must navigate to secure compensation following medical malpractice injuries in Florida. Under Florida Statutes §766.106, you must notify the doctor, hospital, clinic, or other accused party and allow them to investigate your allegations within a short time following your discovery of your injuries. You cannot file a lawsuit without meeting the requirements outlined in this statute.

In many cases, navigating this notification and claims process leads to settlement offers from the malpractice insurance companies or legal teams involved. When we represent the victim, we weigh these settlement offers against the value of our client’s case. We will not settle for less than our client needs to cover their medical care, lost wages and other related losses, and intangible damages, including physical pain and emotional suffering.

If we cannot reach a settlement agreement, Florida Statutes §95.11 gives us two years from when you knew or should have known that malpractice occurred but no more than two years from the date of the event. The time limit may be different in some instances, such as birth injury cases and wrongful deaths. Determining when the deadline to file a medical malpractice case has expired is very difficult. If you have any concerns about this issue you should call us right away.

Our Sarasota lawyers can file wrongful death claims based on medical negligence within the statute of limitations. This may recover compensation for the losses suffered by both the victim and their qualifying family members as described in Florida Statutes §768.21.

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