• Updated: January 18, 2024 |
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Hollywood, FL Pharmacy Could Be Responsible For Outbreak of Eye Infections

12 patients in the Miami area are suffering from serious eye infections potentially linked to a Hollywood, FL pharmacy’s negligence. ModernMedicine.com reported the Florida Department of Health has linked the streptococcal endophthalmitis infections to three clinics who used eye injections repackaged by the pharmacy.
The pharmacy allegedly took sterile 4 ml vials of bevacizumab, split the medication into four 1 ml single-use syringes. According to the FDA, repackaging sterile drugs improperly can compromise the medications and put patients at risk. While the investigation into these illnesses is ongoing, the common link for them all is this pharmacy and the single batch of medication.

The patients who now have eye infections were being treated for visual impairment. As a result of the infection caused by the tainted medication, several of these patients have lost all sight in the affected eye.

If it turns out this pharmacy’s negligence caused the infections, those responsible must be held accountable. As a
Florida pharmacy error attorney, I have handled many cases like this involving bad drugs.



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