We regret to announce you that the Distasio Law Firm Distraction-Free Driving PSA Scholarship is currently closed. The 2021 program ended and a recipient has been awarded. We do not accept applications at this time.
The Tampa Car Accident Lawyers at Distasio Law Firm encourage college-bound teens to apply for the Distasio Law Firm Distraction-Free Driving PSA Scholarship. We will award $2,500 to the winning applicant—someone who creates a video that we think will effectively discourage fellow teen drivers from using their cell phones while driving.

To enter, you must meet the eligibility criteria, submit an application, and produce a video on the topic outlined below. All entries must be received by December 15, 2021.

About the Distasio Law Firm Distraction-Free Driving PSA Scholarship

Scott Distasio, the founder of Distasio Law Firm, strongly believes that this world would be a much better place if we all looked out for each other a little bit more than we do now. We want to look out for the teens of this country. You have potential, and sometimes meeting that potential is just a matter of having someone believe in you. This is why we are offering this scholarship.

Driving While Distracted

For over a decade, our legal team has been representing people who have been injured in car accidents. We’ve seen every type of injury you can imagine, caused by every type of negligence you can imagine. Each case saddens us, which only inspires us to fight harder for our clients.

But the most frustrating cases of all are the injuries caused by distracted driving. They’re just senseless.

Have the Insight to Discourage Fellow Teens from Using Their Phones While Driving

We are all guilty of distracted driving, but as teens, you probably see it more than the rest of us. You have the insight, and now the opportunity, to speak to your peers with the language they will recognize and relate to.

So we are asking you to create a video public service announcement (PSA) that will put your skills and insights to work in the context of helping you look out for your fellow teens. The creator of the video that we think most resonates with this group and has the right message will win a $2,500 scholarship.

Types of People We Encourage to Apply

Our team is excited to hear from a broad and diverse group of applicants. If you are a high school student who has just been accepted to a college, congratulations! We’d like to help you pay for it. Just submit a video to be considered.

If you are already halfway through college, congratulations, you’re almost there! We’d like to help you get to the finish line. Just submit a video to be considered.

All you need is a passion to change teens’ habits of using their cell phones while driving and phone or video camera to record your PSA. If you meet the below eligibility criteria, we eagerly await your submission.

Eligibility for the Distasio Law Firm Distraction-Free Driving PSA Scholarship

To be eligible to enter the Distasio Law Firm Distraction-Free Driving PSA Scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • 3.0 GPA (attach your unofficial transcript with your application)
  • Create a video PSA on the topic below and submit it with your application
  • Agree to the scholarship’s Terms and Conditions
  • Fill out the application form on this page and submit it

Video PSA Topic

“Create an engaging video to warn fellow teen drivers against the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. The tone and style of the video are flexible, but we want to see you create something that will effectively discourage your fellow drivers from using their cell phones while driving.”

Video Format

After you create your video, create a YouTube account and upload the video to the YouTube account. Then forward us a link to the video using the Scholarship Application Form below.

Deadline for Submissions

All scholarship applications must be received by December 15, 2021, with no exceptions.

Previous Winners

Announcements about the previous winners of our scholarship can be found by clicking one of the links below:

  1. 2021 Winner: Alyssa Gorman

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