Tattoo Equipment Can Lead To Serious Skin Infections

Two years ago, a 44 year old man and a 35 year old woman sought treatment for infected tattoos caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium haemophilium. These incidents lead to an investigation of a local tattoo parlor. reported that the CDC investigation concluded the two were likely exposed through tap water used to dilute the ink and wash the equipment.

These incidents raise questions about the safety of tattooing. The practice is not regulated at the federal level and is not considered a sterile procedure. Despite this, tattoo artists should take proper precautions to prevent infections. CDC Representative Meagan Kay was a part of the investigation and listed proper training, use of sterile equipment, and maintaining a clean facility as important steps for tattoo artists to ensure consumer safety.

Even without federal and state regulations, tattoo parlors have a responsibility to their clients. While it is an invasive procedure and a person should be aware of the risks, tattoo parlors should be held responsible for an infection caused by dirty equipment or a serious injury caused by a tattoo artist.


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