Using Dash Cam Evidence in Your Car Accident Claim

If you have dash cam video of your crash, this might just be the evidence you need to prove negligence and liability in your car accident claim. Video footage can show the insurance company, judge, and jury what happened and who is responsible. You won’t have to rely solely on identifying and interviewing witnesses, reviewing photographs, and surveying the scene to prove your case.

If you were in a crash and have dash cam evidence to use in your car accident claim, you might want to talk to an attorney who handles these cases. They will know how to protect and use this footage to support your claim or lawsuit. Most provide free case consultations.

What Can Dash Cam Evidence Prove?

Dash cam video may show that another party caused the accident and is liable for any severe injuries or damages that occurred. This footage might allow you to win an insurance settlement or jury verdict in your case. When your attorney reviews the video of the crash, they will look for these indicators:

  • Your driving behaviors
  • Your demeanor
  • Your reaction to the negligence of another driver

These could factor into your claim even if you cannot see the crash on video. For example, suppose the video shows you tried to brake to avoid a collision. In that case, it demonstrates you were aware and driving carefully even if the side-impact crash is not visible in the video. You could then counter any accusations of shared fault.

The video footage could also indicate:

  • Which traffic lane each vehicle occupied
  • How fast each vehicle traveled
  • The circumstances leading to the crash
  • How the other driver deviated from their expected course of action or violated a traffic law
  • What happened during the crash
  • Any potential witnesses to the accident

Could My Dash Cam Video Hurt My Insurance Claim or Lawsuit?

One reason you might want to work with an attorney and have them review your dash cam video is that it could hurt your case. For example, if the video indicates there were distractions in the car, you ignored a stop sign, or ran a red light, you might share the fault for the crash and provide evidence to prove it.

Another situation when a dash cam could hurt your case is when the footage does not clearly show what occurred. For example, most people do not have dash cams on the rear of their vehicle. As a result, in a rear-end collision, you can only see the view looking out the front windshield of the lead car.

Therefore, this video is unlikely to help your case because you cannot see who caused the collision or why it occurred.

Many Insurers and Liable Parties Will Fight Dash Cam Video

Working with your attorney to build a compelling case that includes dash cam video footage is the best way to approach these claims. The insurer, liable party, or attorney will likely challenge the usefulness or accuracy of the dash cam video.

You should prepare to prove the accuracy and reliability of the video and that you didn’t doctor it. Any modifications or other changes could cause an insurance adjuster to believe you attempted to skew the evidence to support your claim.

Your attorney will also know all the standards you must meet in your jurisdiction to submit video evidence in court. While dash cam video can be crucial evidence, additional evidence in the case should support what you see in the video.

Why Do I Need to Hire an Attorney If I Have Video of My Accident?

A car accident lawyer has familiarity with the claims process and how to use dash cam video as evidence in these cases. They will also ensure you follow all rules and procedures and oversee the necessary tasks to recover compensation based on the documented damages you suffered. For example, they’ll take care of meeting the statutory deadlines for filing a car accident claim In Florida.

Your attorney will manage your legal case for you while you focus on healing. This assistance dramatically reduces your stress and allows you to worry about what is most important – your health.

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