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Nursing Home Abuse Information – Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County, Florida has 31 nursing homes with the capacity to care for 3,930 residents. While many of these facilities provide good care, that is not always the case. All too often, these facilities cut costs to boost profits. The result is bad care, resident injuries and even death.

Find Out Your Options

Our experience as Nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys makes us passionate about making the nursing home care in Hillsborough County better. There are three ways we can help make this happen:

The first and most important way we can help make nursing home care better in Hillsborough County is to hold facilities accountable for money damages when a loved one is injured by neglect or abuse. The financial pain of having to pay money to families when bad care causes injury or death will definitely motivate these facilities to provide better care. If your loved one has been a victim, call us for a free consultation.

The second way to make the care better is to let the community know when a nursing home in Hillsborough County is providing bad care. Click on the city links below to find out what nursing homes in Hillsborough County Florida have been cited for resident care issues:


Reporting Abuse & Neglect

The third way to make nursing home care better in Hillsborough County is to provide the community with information on how to report bad care to government oversight agencies. In Florida, there are three main places to report bad care statewide:

Reporting bad care to these government agencies is a good start. However, they are overworked. In addition, sometimes the nursing homes create relationships with government regulators that make it hard for these agencies to hold them accountable. That is why you should also call an experienced nursing home neglect lawyer to find out if the facility can be held accountable for their actions.

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