If you sustained injuries in an accident in the Bradenton area because of someone else’s negligence, you may be overwhelmed with the process of pursuing damages. A Bradenton personal injury lawyer at Distasio Law Firm is committed to providing personalized legal services to Bradenton accident victims. We help hold the liable parties accountable while collecting compensation for our clients’ losses. bradenton personal injury lawyer

Get Hands-on Services for All Types of Bradenton Personal Injury Cases

Distasio Law Firm, personal injury lawyers in Bradenton, is on your side. Our team of skilled injury attorneys offers personalized legal services for the following:

Even if you do not see your accident listed here, we may still be able to represent you. We invite you to learn more about how we can assist with your Bradenton injury claim. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will review the accident and your legal options during a free consultation.

Each of Our Clients Gets Personalized Legal Support in Bradenton, Florida

Our firm was founded on the principle that every personal injury client deserves individual attention during the legal process. We understand that this may be a traumatic time in your life, so our goal is to make the process as stress-free as possible.

We Will Walk You Through All of Your Legal Options and Explain Them

Our firm offers personalized legal attention for each and every client. This means you will always know the status of your case and never be left wondering which next steps you need to take. We take the time to explain all your options and help you navigate the complicated injury claim and lawsuit process. You did not ask to be injured, and you deserve to be made whole.

We know you have questions, and we have the answers. It starts with a free consultation where we take the time to understand your situation and how your injury has impacted you and your family members’ lives.

Are you unsure if your injuries qualify you for compensation? We will review the details of your case and explain your legal options.

Our Manatee County Personal Injury Attorneys Can Manage Your Case

Distasio Law Firm attorneys will take care of your entire case, leaving you to focus on healing from your accident injuries. When you become our client, we handle every aspect of the case, including the paperwork and correspondence with other parties involved. This gives you time back in your schedule to take care of other responsibilities while we focus on your legal matters.

Our team also represents you in all proceedings and talks with the attorney and insurance company representing the opposing party. Meanwhile, we update you regularly on any changes and keep you up to date with the latest developments.

Affording a Manatee County Personal Injury Lawyer

Our attorneys work on contingency, which means we require no money from you up front to start on the case. We only accept payment if you receive a settlement from the insurance company or court award. A team member can answer your questions about payment arrangements during the free case review.

Economic Damages You Could Recover in Your Injury Claim

Whether you sustained injuries in a car accident, during a medical procedure, or from another type of incident, you may be facing a wide range of damages (as outlined in Florida Statutes § 627.736). Your personal injury lawyer with our firm will fight to recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries. However, the amount of recoverable compensation can depend on the type of accident, the amount of medical care you require, and several other factors.

Our team of Bradenton personal injury attorneys can help you establish what damages you should pursue and how much your case is worth once we review the details of the case. We also can help you uncover damages you may not know you have. Based on the details of your injury, you may be eligible to recover the following losses:

Medical Expenses

After an accident, you may be drowning in medical bills. In many cases, victims are eligible to recover the cost of all medical care they receive for their injuries. This may include the cost of:

  • Ambulance transportation
  • Life flight
  • Hospital stay
  • Surgery
  • Pain medication
  • Other medical costs

Many of our clients also require continued medical care, which can be difficult to afford if the person that caused their injuries refuses to offer a fair settlement. Our personal injury attorneys can help you determine the type of medical care you will likely need in the future. Then, we can fight for compensation for past and future medical bills.

Property Damages

If your accident resulted in damage to your property, you may also recover the cost to repair or replace these personal items. Examples include the cost to repair your car or truck, replace a shattered cellphone, or purchase a new medical device, such as a walker.

Lost Wages

For many accident victims, the loss of a paycheck is extremely stressful. If someone else caused your injuries, you may qualify to recover wages lost due to an inability to work after an accident.

Accident victims who can no longer work may also recover the loss of future income and employment benefits, such as 401(k) matching or employer-sponsored healthcare.

Pain and Suffering

An accident does not just impact your financial life; it can also cause stress, physical pain, and mental anguish. You may recover compensation for pain and suffering damages. We can help you determine how much you should request when seeking intangible damages like these.

Intangible damages can be challenging to prove since they have no established monetary value. However, we know how to calculate pain and suffering so that you can request these damages as part of your compensation.

When you call for a free consultation, our determined injury lawyers can better understand the damages that may be available in your Bradenton injury claim once we learn more details. Our diligent attorneys will review your personal injury incident, explain your options, and help you understand the damages you may qualify to recover.

Proving Liability and Negligence

Before you can pursue compensation in a personal injury case, you must prove the party acted negligently and that your injuries and other damages resulted from their actions. Your case must have proof of the four elements that make up the legal concept of negligence. They are as follows:

  • The party owed you a legal duty of care to act responsibly and keep you safe from harm.
  • The party violated or breached this duty by failing to act responsibly.
  • The party’s actions or inactions directly caused your injuries.
  • You suffered damages as a result of the injuries you sustained.

If all of these elements are present in your case, you likely can move forward on your personal injury claim or lawsuit. We can help you build a case with any evidence you already have and additional proof we collect for you in an investigation.

How Florida’s Comparative Negligence Could Reduce Your Award

Per Florida Statutes § 768.81, if you are partially at fault for the incident at issue in your claim or lawsuit, you could still recover damages. However, your percentage of fault would be deducted from your compensation award.

For example, if you were awarded $15,000 in damages for a slip and fall case, but you were found 10 percent liable for your injuries, the court would subtract $1,500 from your award. Thus, the final amount of your award would be $13,500.

Our Board-Certified Trial Lawyer Can Fight Your Case in Court

We will seek to negotiate with the insurance company for a settlement agreement that is fair to you. If negotiations do not work out, we can take the case to court and fight for a court award.

Most personal injury cases never get to trial. However, insurance companies are aware of the law firms that have the capability to succeed in this arena. It’s a determining factor when it comes to settling claims.

Our founding attorney, Scott Distasio, is a board-certified civil trial lawyer with the resources and experience to protect your interests. When we take on your case, we will utilize our background to determine the best course of action. If it means going to trial, we will represent you in the best way possible.

Florida Law Sets Time Limits for Personal Injury Cases

After suffering an injury in Bradenton, you have limited time to pursue your losses. Florida’s statute of limitations (Florida Statutes § 95.11) only gives you two years to initiate a lawsuit, including the time we must spend investigating and building the case.

Some circumstances can further shorten the filing window. For this reason, we recommend speaking with a proactive Bradenton injury attorney sooner rather than later. We can help you understand exactly how long you have to file a lawsuit and get the process moving.

Pursue Legal Action Before the Deadline

We encourage you to reach out to us as early as possible. While two years is a considerable amount of time, it can go quickly, and your attorney will need the time to build the strongest case possible for your compensation. If you miss this deadline, you could lose your opportunity to seek damages from the liable party in your accident.

The Distasio Difference

We understand this may be a challenging time in your life. While we know we can’t reverse the pain and suffering of your injury, we can work diligently to seek the justice and peace of mind you deserve. We started Distasio Law Firm on the belief that everyone who works with us deserves quality service as they move through the legal process. We take pride in going above and beyond for each client we serve.

Our team of personal injury attorneys in Bradenton will learn all we can about your case, take all your concerns into consideration, and seek to hold the liable parties accountable. If you are ready to hire a personal injury lawyer in Manatee County, we can discuss your case with you today.

We Also Share these Understandings with Our Clients:

  • If we represent your case, we commit the resources, time, and care it deserves.
  • You can always get in touch with a personal injury lawyer on our team to discuss the case.
  • We will always ensure your interests come before our own.
  • We will be up front with you about the case so that you are fully aware of all of its possibilities.
  • We will fight strongly for you and refuse to show weakness.
  • We will represent you at trial if it’s necessary.

How to Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer to Represent You

Here’s what you will need to check for when seeking a personal injury attorney in Manatee County:

Strong Background in Personal Injury Law

Who you choose to hire as your lawyer will be a significant factor in the case. Your lawyer should have a working knowledge of Florida personal injury law and the ability to put their experience to use. Scott Distasio has represented clients in personal injury cases for more than three decades. He has investigated cases, negotiated settlements, and brought trial expertise to the courtroom that is unsurpassed.

Independently Verifying an Attorney’s Credentials

While many personal injury lawyers in Florida say they can produce results, an effective way to find out more about them is to look for an unbiased and independent rating system that is respected in the industry. For example, Scott Distasio has board certification in trial law from the Florida Bar. This means he has a minimum number of trial cases under his belt and successfully completed a competency exam in trial law. Under 1% of Florida attorneys can claim this honor.

The Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory has also awarded Scott Distasio an AV rating, and he has earned a 10 rating from AVVO. Both are the highest ratings possible for either rating service.

Support from Our Clients and Other Lawyers

What clients and other attorneys say can play a key role in deciding which lawyer to hire. You can check out our Facebook and Google pages or visit our website to learn more about what our colleagues and our clients say about us.

Can Your Lawyer Effectively Fight Your Case at Trial?

Money is important, but money is not the only thing that matters. Clients seek financial recovery from the person whose negligence caused them harm as a way to pay for their damages. They also want to hold the party that caused them harm accountable.

If your case must go to trial, you want an attorney who can represent your interests effectively so that you have a chance of recovering compensation. We are prepared for trial if your case calls for that.

If you sustained injuries due to another party’s actions, you want a legal team that is committed to fighting for your rights. Distasio Law Firm is fully dedicated to fighting for your rights after your accident, and our Bradenton personal injury attorneys are ready to work for you.

Work with a Bradenton Personal Injury Attorney from Our Firm Today

Your path to financial recovery starts with a free consultation. A committed Bradenton personal injury lawyer will listen to you and ask questions to understand the unique challenges you face. Then, we work to gather evidence and build a strong claim on your behalf. We will help you establish how negligence caused your accident based on the evidence available, which we will review.

Each step of the way, we will be available to answer your questions and explain what you can expect. No matter how your accident occurred or who is to blame for your injuries, our firm is here to offer support. Call Distasio Law Firm today to start your injury claim. bradenton personal injury attorney

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