If you’ve been injured due to the poor driving habits of another driver, you may be able to go after them personally for your losses. This applies even in Florida, where no-fault laws govern auto accidents. A Hudson car accident lawyer from Distasio Law Firm may be able to help you pursue and recover compensation for your medical care, lost income, injuries, and more.

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Hudson, FL, Car Accident Facts

Pasco County 2022 car crash report

Motor accident report for PAsco COunty Florida, 2022. Data reflected is on reported incidents. Call Distasio Law Firm if you are ever in a car accident.

While most accidents happen at night and on the weekends, an auto accident can take place at any time. Research shows that Saturday is the most dangerous day to drive, whereas Tuesday is the safest. You’re also more likely to have a car accident during the afternoon rush hour than in the morning. However, none of this matters if you or a loved one is the one hurt in a crash.

For more than a decade, traffic accident-related fatalities remained relatively low. However, this has changed in the past few years. Despite the increasing prevalence of car safety technologies, there has been a recent rise in car accidents and deaths.

According to NPR, even as cars get safer, poor driving behaviors such as distracted driving, speeding, and driving under the influence contribute to auto accident fatalities even in times when the overall number of accidents declines. These kinds of accidents happen due to the negligence of drivers who fail to take the necessary precautions on the road. Texting, drinking while driving, and eating in the car can easily distract drivers to the point that they shouldn’t be driving.

What to Do After an Auto Accident in Hudson, FL

The moments after an auto accident are overpowering. You most likely don’t yet know the extent of the damage to your car or your injuries. However, the actions you take after an auto accident can make a big difference in how you’re able to recover, medically and legally. Here is an overview of what to do after a car accident that can help you take the right steps forward:

Call 9-1-1

Even if you don’t think you’ve been injured in the auto accident, it is important to call the police to be dispatched to the scene. You may not really understand the extent of your injuries in the minutes after the crash and may end up needing medical attention later.

In addition, the police report can serve as an important piece of evidence for your insurance company and potential legal case. The police officer doesn’t have any incentive to misrepresent the accident scene or to leave out important details that could make a difference in understanding what really happened.

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Some insurance carriers will not even begin a claim without the police report. This document is vital regardless of the severity of your injuries or if you simply need to file a property damage claim with your insurer after a fender bender.

Take Photos of the Scene

Most people already have access to a camera through their smartphone or tablet. Be sure to take photos of the accident scene with any device that you have as a form of documentation. You want to capture footage of your injuries, the accident scene, any damage to your car, and the surroundings.

The weather conditions, road maintenance, and even overgrown shrubbery near the road are factors that can contribute to an auto accident. Having photos that document the condition during the accident can be very important, as property owners can fix dangerous conditions after an accident, which gets rid of the evidence.

Of course, if you have serious injuries that prevent you from walking around the accident scene and there is no one else in your vehicle to take pictures, this step should not be your priority. Instead, focus on your well-being, and your attorney can gather other evidence to support your claim.

Get Contact Information for Witnesses

If you’re able to, try to get the contact information for any witnesses that saw the accident first-hand. While the police should be responsible for gathering contact information for witnesses, some witnesses may not stay at the accident scene until the police arrive. Having the contact information for these witnesses can help to build your legal case.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you don’t suspect that you have any serious injuries because of the auto accident, it is important to seek medical attention right away and to accept medical treatment when it is offered. The medical records can provide proof of injury during a court case.

Plus, it can be really difficult to self-assess auto accident injuries. Some injuries can take several days to show up, especially neck pain and discomfort. Internal injuries, which can be serious and even deadly, are notorious for taking hours or even days to become symptomatic, as well.

Call a Hudson Auto Collision Lawyer

Either at the scene or after seeking medical attention, call an experienced Hudson auto accident attorney to discuss what happened and for legal advice. Even in cases where it doesn’t seem that you can take any recourse, taking legal action might still be possible. The fact is that many auto accidents occur because of the actions of other drivers. This creates legal pathways to consider for receiving compensation.

Reasons to Work with a Hudson Auto Crash Attorney at Our Firm

While it is normal to feel overwhelmed after a car accident, it is important to remember that you’re not alone. Working with a skilled car crash lawyer in Hudson from Distasio Law Firm can help you get through these difficult times. Some of the reasons to call an auto accident attorney at our team include:

  • Support after your auto accident
  • Seeking compensation for auto accident injuries and lost wages
  • Having an objective party to review your case
  • Receiving legal guidance after a personal injury

Sometimes clients don’t even realize that they can sue the other driver involved in their car accident because Florida is a no-fault state for car accidents. While this distinction means that your auto insurance provider must cover some of the costs associated with a car accident, it doesn’t mean that you can’t hold other parties responsible for the accident under some circumstances.

Compensation You Can Recover in a Hudson Car Wreck Case

Our Hudson auto collision lawyers can determine when you can take legal action and your options for pursuing compensation from a negligent driver. We may be able to file an insurance claim or sue and recover money damages for:

  • Medical bills for current and future care
  • Lost income, such as wages and benefits
  • Diminished earning capacity if you cannot work at the same capacity as before
  • Property damages, including car repairs
  • Pain and suffering and other intangible losses

Not only can a car accident lawyer from Distasio Law Firm develop a claim on your behalf, but we can also gather evidence to value your recoverable damages so we understand how much your case should be worth. This is the only way that our team can determine what a fair settlement agreement might be or if the insurer is offering an appropriate agreement.

Timelines You Must Adhere to for Recovering Damages

We also understand the timelines in these cases and how quickly we must act to develop a claim and negotiate or decide if we need to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver or another liable party. The deadlines to begin a lawsuit generally include:

However, there are several reasons why you do not want to cut it too close to these deadlines, including the fact that evidence against the at-fault driver may begin to weaken the same day the crash occurs. As time passes, less evidence is available to support your claim, and it may be more difficult to prove your case.

Talk Through Your Case with a Hudson Car Accident Attorney

Scheduling a consultation with a Hudson car accident lawyer is easy. Call Distasio Law Firm to schedule a consultation with one of our trial attorneys knowledgeable about local laws and conditions. We can answer any legal questions that you may have about your case and create a plan of action on what to do next. If legal recourse is possible, we can work with you to get you the compensation you deserve.

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