If a negligent party caused your Manatee County accident and injuries, you have options for justice. Namely, you could hold them accountable in a claim or lawsuit and recover compensation for your related expenses and losses. An Anna Maria Island personal injury lawyer from Distasio Law Firm is here to help.

Our team of skilled legal professionals, including trial attorney Scott Distasio, provides complimentary consultations so that victims can learn more about their legal rights. You can ask us questions, get a free case assessment, and find out everything you need to know about seeking compensation during your free appointment with us.

Getting a Fair Settlement Based on the Value of Your Accident-Related Damages

When Distasio Law Firm investigates a personal injury case in Anna Maria Island, we gather evidence to support our allegations of negligence. In addition, we collect proof of the damages our client suffered, including hospital bills, receipts, relevant medical records, and more. We use these documents to value their claim and set a fair settlement range for negotiations.

Usually, we can negotiate with the insurer and agree on a fair settlement for our client. Still, we prepare each case like it may go to trial and will sue if necessary to recover a just payout.

Damages You Could Recover in an Anna Maria Island Case

We expect our clients to recover compensation for the damage they experienced. These can vary from case to case but often include:

  • Medical care costs to date
  • Future treatment and support for injuries
  • Lost income for time missed at work
  • Reduced earning capacity if the injuries are long-term or permanent
  • Property damages
  • Related expenses, with receipts
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other intangible losses

Wrongful death damages—those often available to the family when a victim’s injuries are fatal—are different. They may cover medical care and lost wages, too, but they also include:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Future lost income and benefits
  • Loss of services
  • Non-economic losses experienced by the surviving family members

Experience The Distasio Difference When You Work with Our Team

For more than 30 years, clients who have worked with our team experienced The Distasio Difference. In contrast, at many other firms, you might find:

  • It is difficult or impossible to speak with your attorney.
  • The lawyers are not interested in taking your case to trial.
  • The staff has varying levels of experience, abilities, and ethics.
  • They may have minimal courtroom experience.

Meanwhile, our team of experienced personal injury attorneys in Anna Maria Island are committed to ensuring that every client:

  • Can speak with their attorney and receive a high level of client communications
  • Has a lawyer who is willing, able, and experienced enough to go to trial
  • Gets an attorney who is ‘AV’ rated by Martindale-Hubbell for ability and ethics
  • Has a team supported by more than three decades of skill and experience

Our Firm Gives Each Case the Personal Touch

We also take pride in making every client feel like their case is the only one we are handling. Our firm puts every family first – we call this The Distasio Personal Touch. This is our dedication to:

  • Taking the time to listen, investigate, and fully understand each case
  • Go the extra mile to represent our client’s best interests

We are also a contingency fee law firm, which means we charge no upfront fees and will not ask you to pay us out of your pocket. Our attorney’s fees come from the settlement or other cash payout we secure in your case, so we do not get paid if we cannot recover compensation for you.

We Take Client Feedback Seriously

Our client testimonials explain why previous clients felt satisfied with the service and representation they received. Past clients like Kirin Eves do not hesitate to recommend our team to their friends:

“Distasio Law Firm has excelled in their performance with my case. The whole process of my case took some time, but they kept me updated the whole time. The paralegals here are informative, concerned, and hard-working. The whole team at Distasio’s is excellent at what they do, and they made this whole process as stress-free as possible for me. Thank you, Distasio Law Firm.”

How Does Florida Law Define a Personal Injury?

In Florida, you may be able to hold another party legally accountable for your injuries if you were hurt because of their negligence. Negligence can occur because of:

  • Carelessness
  • Recklessness
  • Intentional acts

Almost any type of accident that happens because of someone else’s negligence will support a personal injury claim. Some examples include:

  • A drunk driver hits you on Gulf Drive.
  • You slip, fall, and hurt your back in a store on Holmes Beach.
  • A doctor injures you further because of an error at Blake Medical Center.

Other examples of common personal injury accidents in Anna Maria Island include:

  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian or bike accidents
  • Pharmacy malpractice
  • Other premises liability injuries
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Wrongful death

Proving Your Personal Injury Case

When building one of these cases, our team of Anna Maria Island injury attorneys must investigate what happened to determine fault and liability. This process requires gathering evidence, analyzing it, and putting together a picture of whose actions led to our client’s injuries. We also have a network of experts we often call on to help us in these cases, including:

  • Medical doctors and specialists
  • Accident reconstruction experts
  • Economists
  • Engineers and industry experts

Deadlines Victims Must Meet to Protect Their Rights in Florida

You must keep Florida’s deadlines in mind if you were hurt and plan to file a personal injury case. For example, if there was a traffic accident, Florida law requires you to seek medical care within two weeks. We recommend seeing a doctor the same day or as soon as possible to avoid surpassing this deadline.

In addition, there are time limits for suing the liable party in a personal injury case if this becomes necessary. These deadlines can vary but generally include:

Speak with an Anna Maria Island Personal Injury Attorney for Free

You can learn more about our legal services and how an Anna Maria Island personal injury lawyer may be able to help you manage your claim for free today. Call now for a complimentary consultation with our team at Distasio Law Firm.

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