If you have injuries from accidents involving golf carts anywhere in Florida, contact an experienced personal injury attorney at the Distasio Personal Injury Law Firm for a free consultation. The at-fault party may owe you compensation for your injuries and lost wages.

Golf carts are popular in Florida’s residential communities. Because golf carts are open, they can prove to be dangerous even at slow speeds. Golf cart accidents and two-cart collisions can cause serious personal injuries to occupants, who often do not have seat belts and may get ejected from the vehicle. If you were hurt in this kind of collision, call a Florida golf car accident lawyer to seek compensation for your injuries.

Why Choose the Distasio Law Firm for a Golf Cart Accident Case?

  • We have a long track record of securing positive case results. Our attorneys have recovered millions for our clients who have been inured in accidents all across the state
  • We provide protection of your rights against insurance companies. We know how to handle insurance companies who refuse to offer reasonable and fair settlements for golf accidents.
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Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer for your Golf Cart Accident?

Most people assume it may be simple to handle a claim with an insurance company after being injured in a golf cart accident. Insurance companies often use a tactic of delay and deny, trying to minimize the payout of your accident injuries claim. Hiring an skilled legal professional from Distasio Law Firm is the best way to combat these tactics. Our diligent Florida golf cart crash attorneys will go up against these insurance companies on your behalf to make sure they do the right thing, and compensate you for your injuries to the fullest value of your claim. With Distasio Law Firm, you will have peace of mind knowing your case is being handled with the care and attention you deserve.

Tip Overs, Cart Pileups & Collisions are very common Golf Cart Accidents

Golf carts are not the most stable vehicles. Their design makes them prone to tipping over, especially on the hills and dips of a golf course. Obstacles, bad terrain, backing up downhill, and vehicle malfunctions are among the reasons golf carts often tip over. Serious injuries can occur from a cart landing on the driver or passenger, or as a result of being thrown from the vehicle.

Multiple golf cart pileups can occur when one cart is closely following another. In such cases, drivers are at risk of whiplash, ejection from their cart, and being run over by other carts. Though golf carts may seem safe and fun, they offer drivers and passengers little protection against collisions. When golf carts share the road with motorists and cyclists in communities, they could be in even more danger. Car drivers may cause dangerous accidents when they fail to follow proper safety measures around golf carts, such as speeding or unsafe lane changing. These collisions often take place at high speeds and can lead to severe injuries.

Who Is Liable for a Golf Cart Accident?

The injured party in a golf cart crash may seek compensation from the responsible party. Financial compensation, usually through insurance or a lawsuit, covers losses due to the accident. The liable party is the one who breached a duty of care and caused the crash and may be held accountable for the accident.

  • Negligent operation is a common cause of golf cart accidents. Impaired driving is very common due to a misconception that passengers cannot sustain as serious injuries in a golf cart as a motor vehicle.
  • If the golf cart malfunctioned or broke down because of a faulty part, the owner of the vehicle could be liable for inadequate maintenance. It is the owner of the vehicle’s responsibility to properly inspect, repair and maintain the golf cart.
  • Some cart accidents occur due to part defects from the manufacturer. Golf carts with defective designs or faulty parts could malfunction while in use, such as tire blowouts or rollover accidents.
  • If your accident occurred while driving on a golf course due to a premises liability issue, the owner of the course could be held liable. A cracked cart path or lack of warning signs about a hazard, for example, could point to golf course liability for your damages after an accident.

Third parties could also be liable for a golf cart accident in Florida. Such as motor vehicle drivers, property owners and employers may share fault for an accident depending on its circumstances. The proactive Florida attorneys at Distasio Law Firm will investigate your golf cart accident case to search for signs of negligence and fault. As your legal representation, we can file a claim on your behalf in pursuit of a fair recovery.

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