If you or your loved one has suffered abuse in an assisted living facility, you may be wondering about the process for receiving a settlement in a Wesley Chapel nursing home abuse case. The timeline for obtaining compensation varies based on several factors. It is essential to understand the process to ensure a prompt resolution. A nursing home abuse attorney like Scott Distasio has decades of experience holding elder care facilities accountable and is here to help make the settlement process easier for you. Reach out to Distasio Law Firm today to get your case started.

Process of Pursuing a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

Embarking on the journey of pursuing a nursing home abuse claim is a crucial step towards seeking justice and ensuring the protection of vulnerable individuals. This process entails delving into the intricacies of potential mistreatment and negligence suffered by seniors within care facilities.

Gathering Evidence and Medical Records

Before filing a claim, gathering all relevant evidence and medical records is crucial. Once all this information is collected, the next step is to hire an expert to review the documents, give their opinion, and ensure the claim’s legitimacy.

Notifying the Facility

Once evidence is gathered and the claim is deemed legitimate, the senior care home should be notified of the abuse or neglect. Ultimately, the defense controls how long it takes to receive a settlement in an elderly home abuse case in Wesley Chapel. The defense’s response to the allegation can significantly affect the settlement timeline for you and your family.

Settlement Process

If the defense sees that there is sufficient evidence to support your claim, a settlement could be achieved within six to eight months. However, the defense’s cooperation plays a crucial role.

Litigation Process

If the defense chooses not to resolve the case through a settlement, the next step is filing a civil suit. The litigation process, drafting and filing the lawsuit, exchanging information, and conducting depositions may take anywhere from 18 months to three years.

Issues That May Prolong the Settlement Process

Several factors can delay the settlement process. Complex cases with extensive medical records and multiple incidents may take longer to resolve, as the process of obtaining, organizing, and reading through tens of thousands of pages of medical records can be tedious. Additionally, if the defense refuses to resolve the claim through settlement, and you are forced into litigation, the process lends itself to delays and prolongs the case.

Setting deadlines can help accelerate resolving the case. Timely demands, filing a lawsuit, and securing a trial date create a sense of urgency and encourages the defense to act swiftly.

Steps to Ensure a Quick Resolution

  1. Be available to assist your attorney when necessary
  2. Gather evidence, whether that be medical documents, photographs to document injuries, or any other evidence of abuse
  3. Create a diary of the events as soon as possible—memories fade; diaries last

Role of an Attorney in the Settlement Process

An experienced nursing home abuse attorney in Wesley Chapel could expedite the settlement process by efficiently gathering evidence, collaborating with experts, and presenting a strong case that the defense will take seriously.

At Distasio Law Firm, we specialize in senior home abuse and neglect cases. With decades of experience, we have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to manage complex cases effectively.

Reach Out to a Wesley Chapel Attorney for Help Receiving a Settlement in Your Nursing Home Abuse Case

Receiving a settlement in a Wesley Chapel nursing home abuse case is often an uphill battle. Let a qualified attorney like Scott Distasio help guide you through the process and work to get you the compensation you deserve. We pride ourselves in holding negligent parties accountable for their wrongful actions and are here to help you seek justice. Call Distasio Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation.


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