Brain injuries are different from most other injuries. When someone suffers a broken leg, you can see it. Usually, they can visit a doctor, get a cast, and within a few weeks, experience a full recovery.

People with brain injuries do not face the same paths. You cannot always tell that a person has suffered brain damage. At first glance, an afflicted person might appear to be just fine. Recovering from brain injuries is also not typically so straightforward. There is no magic cure or set time for healing. Some people experience lingering complications for the rest of their lives.

If you or your loved one is facing a long road of recovery from a brain injury, you should discuss what happened with one of the Wesley Chapel catastrophic injury attorneys at Distasio Law Firm. A Wesley Chapel traumatic brain injury lawyer at our firm might be able to help you seek compensation for your losses.

Understanding Brain Damage

A traumatic brain injury occurs from a blow, jolt, or trauma to the head that causes the brain to malfunction. Brain injuries in Wesley Chapel frequently occur following:

Some brain injuries are open, in which a person suffers an open wound, such as a skull fracture from a fall or a sharp object penetrating their skull. Other brain injuries are closed. When a person suffers a closed brain injury, there might be no outward indication of a wound. Their skull might appear completely normal, or there could be a small bump on their head. The damage from closed brain injuries occurs within a person’s head when something causes their brain to jostle and hit their skull. Both open and closed brain injuries can cause brain swelling and blood clots.

A proactive attorney in Wesley Chapel, like Scott Distasio, could investigate how your brain injury occurred. They could speak with witnesses, review police reports and medical records, and look through all available evidence to learn who is legally responsible for your damages.

Varying Degrees of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can vary significantly in severity.

Mild Brain Injuries

They can cause people to lose consciousness for a short period of time. Affected people might feel disoriented or confused. Many people recover completely with just rest. While it is a good idea to visit a doctor after suffering a head injury, many people with mild brain injuries require no medical care.

Moderate Brain Injuries

Moderate injuries cause people to lose consciousness for lengthier time periods. People can experience more extended periods of confusion and memory loss.

Severe Brain Injuries

Severe brain injuries cause people to be unconscious or in comas for extended time periods. Those who suffer such significant brain damage generally experience lasting cognitive and motor problems.

Our compassionate team of lawyers have experience helping people in Wesley Chapel who suffer from varying degrees of brain damage, and could fight for the comprehensive compensation you deserve for all your losses, both past and future.

Let a Wesley Chapel Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Fight for You

After a brain injury, you might face many physical challenges, such as problems with balance and coordination or weakness in your limbs. You may also experience cognitive challenges, including memory loss and the inability to concentrate. Some brain injury victims might experience personality or behavioral changes—including depression, anxiety, and severe mood swings.

Many traumatic brain damage survivors require extensive medical treatment, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation to relearn basic skills. The care that you might need will be expensive. Fortunately, a Wesley Chapel traumatic brain injury lawyer could help you pursue a monetary award that could make a huge difference in your present recovery and your future. A positive outcome to your legal suit could gain you access to the care you will need for the rest of your life.

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