Few incidents that can affect a person’s life can have as devastating an impact as an injury to a child. While these injuries can certainly affect the physical and emotional well-being of a kid, they can also have a tremendous psychological effect on parents.

A Wesley Chapel child injury lawyer at Distasio Law Firm is dedicated to holding people responsible who bring harm to kids. Our team of Wesley Chapel injury attorneys could work to gather evidence of negligence or abuse, measure the impact on a child, and demand appropriate compensation through legal action.

The Legal Rights of Children Following Injuries

Every person in Wesley Chapel and across the state has the right to be free from harm inflicted by other people. This includes both accidental injuries and intentional acts of violence. A person’s age does nothing to change this fact.

It follows that children may be able to seek damages for their injuries in many of the same instances that affect adults. Because children ride in cars, travel on bicycles, use consumer products, and trust doctors to perform their duties with competence, a failure on the part of these people to provide protection could entitle a child to financial recovery.

Children are also vulnerable in positions that are unique to people of their age. Schools have a duty to provide protection—both while on school grounds or while riding on a bus. Landowners must also take care to protect children from attractive nuisances that may lead those children to wander onto property. Finally, daycare centers or babysitters who work for a fee assume a duty to take care of that child. A diligent Wesley Chapel child injury attorney could help evaluate the actions of defendants to determine if they are liable for an injury.

What Compensation May be Appropriate Following a Minor’s Injury?

experience and results The most pressing issue is always seeking appropriate medical care for a physical injury. A trip to the emergency room following an injury can help to memorialize the source of the injury and to provide a child with the best chance for a recovery. However, any follow-up visits for check-ups or continuing therapy are also vitally important. A personal injury claim for a child will always demand payments for all necessary medical care.

The emotional impact of the injury is often just as severe. Children are often less able to deal with trauma than adults, and even a minor accident may leave them with nightmares or changes in behavior. Child injury cases can demand payments to compensate for these emotional traumas.

Finally, a proactive child injury lawyer in Wesley Chapel could evaluate the impact of the injury on the child’s overall quality of life. This includes the effect on the kid’s schooling or other activities.

No matter how severe or minor the losses may be, all child injury claims must meet the state’s statute of limitations. According to Florida Statute § 95.11, most plaintiffs in personal injury cases must file a claim no more than two years following the incident. However, in the case of child injuries, this time only begins to run once that child turns 18. A legal professional like Scott Distasio could help child injury victims and their families in Wesley Chapel determine when the time is right to demand compensation.

Reach Out to a Wesley Chapel Child Injury Attorney Today

A child who suffers an injury because of the negligence or abuse of another person has the same right to seek financial recovery as adults. In fact, many portions of the law provide additional protections for injured children. Even so, it is necessary for that child and their parents to meet the legal barriers to collect this compensation.

This applies to accidents that occur in Wesley Chapel, that involve landowners who fail to provide adequate protection, and even schools that allow abuse to affect children. The goal of these claims is to collect the payments needed to take care of medical bills and account for emotional trauma.

A Wesley Chapel child injury lawyer at Distasio Law Firm could help families pursue these claims. Our committed team of attorneys could handle every portion of these often-emotional cases to promote a powerful case to insurance adjusters during settlement talks and in potential trials. Contact us today to schedule a private consultation.


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