While most accidents result in minimal injuries that will heal completely over time, exceptions to that trend happen every day across Florida and cause life-altering harm to those involved. One of the most frequent types of permanent harm accidents in the Sunshine State result in is paralysis—the permanent loss of function in a particular area of the body, generally caused by nervous system damage in the spine, brain, or specific nerve endings or clusters.

Regardless of how it happens or the extent to which it alters your life, paralysis caused by someone else’s misconduct is not something you should bear the consequences for. The guidance of a Wesley Chapel paralysis injury lawyer at Distasio Law Firm could be vital to ensuring that does not happen. From start to finish of your legal proceedings, a trusted Wesley Chapel injury attorney could provide the tenacious legal support you need to secure the best possible result from your lawsuit or settlement demand.

How Negligence Can Cause Permanent Paralysis

In purely procedural terms, filing suit over a paralyzing injury works basically the same way as any other personal injury claim would. To make someone else pay for your accident-related losses, you would need to prove they were legally “negligent” in some way—in other words, that they:

  • Owed you a duty to act responsibly under specific circumstances, and
  • Carelessly or recklessly “breached” their duty, and
  • Directly caused an accident through that misconduct which in turn directly caused you to become paralyzed.

Auto accidents in Wesley Chapel are an especially common source of paralyzing injuries, though, there are special rules applicable to litigation for these incidents that a well-practiced paralysis injury attorney could explain in more detail. Guidance from knowledgeable legal counsel may also be vital to build a strong claim based on other kinds of incidents like dangerous property conditions, defective consumer products, and especially mistakes by medical professionals.

Recovering Fairly Inside Filing Deadlines

A successful paralysis injury claim can incorporate both past and future losses you will experience because of your accident, including:

  • All expenses for medical/therapeutic care
  • Lost work income and/or ability to work
  • Personal property damage, plus the costs of home modifications to allow for increased mobility
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Emotional/psychological distress
  • Lost overall quality of life, including lost consortium

However, as an experienced paralysis accident lawyer in Wesley Chapel could affirm, most of the same legal restrictions that apply to other personal injury cases also affect paralysis injury claims. For instance, Florida Statutes § 768.81 still allows courts to proportionately reduce the total compensation an injured plaintiff can receive based on the percentage of total fault for an accident which the court assigns to that plaintiff. Likewise, Fla. Stat. § 95.11(3) sets a two-year filing deadline on virtually all personal injury lawsuits, including those built around debilitating and permanent harm like paralysis. Reaching out to the skilled legal team at Distasio Law Firm now ensures your rights are protected later.

A Wesley Chapel Paralysis Injury Attorney Could Help

Even if you have extensive evidence showing that you were paralyzed entirely because another person was irresponsible around you, turning that evidence into a fair settlement offer or positive court verdict may be far from a simple task. Working closely with capable legal counsel could make a huge difference in how effectively you could demand every cent of compensation you deserve.

A conversation with a dedicated Wesley Chapel paralysis injury lawyer like Scott Distasio could give you answers to important questions and guidance on what to do next. Schedule a meeting by calling today.


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