A wrongful death claim arises if your family member lost his or her life as a result of another’s negligent actions, intentional or not. While no dollar amount will ever bring him or her back to life, it does help provide for the out-of-pocket expenses and future losses someone else caused your family.

If you lost a loved one after an accident, a Zephyrhills wrongful death lawyer from Distasio Law Firm wants to offer our deepest condolences. We commit to providing you with legal care and service that reassures you throughout the entire claims process.

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Distasio Law Firm Looks Out for the Families of Wrongful Death Victims

The basis of your wrongful death case hinges upon proving that the other party acted with negligence. The most common types of cases handled by our wrongful death attorneys in Zephyrhills from Distasio Law Firm includes:

Establishing and proving liability in wrongful death claims is challenging, mainly if extreme or highly technical circumstances are involved. Not only will a wrongful death lawyer in Zephyrhills help you navigate the claims process, but Distasio Law Firm will also gather and preserve the necessary evidence to support your claim to compensation.

Discuss Any Insurance Company Offers With a Wrongful Death Lawyer

It is your right to run an insurance settlement offer by a wrongful death lawyer before accepting it, even if the adjuster assigned to your case claims otherwise. There is a chance you may receive and accept an unfair offer without realizing it.

Call Distasio Law Firm to Learn if the Offer You Received Is Reasonable

If you received an offer from an insurance company, or are still exploring your options, you can contact Distasio Law Firm for a free consultation. Our knowledgeable untimely death attorneys in Zephyrhills can help you understand the terms and conditions of accepting the offer and will let you know if we believe we can achieve additional compensation on your behalf.

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Representing Family Members and Personal Representatives of the Estate

Specific individuals are eligible to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the decedent’s estate in Florida. Aside from legal counsel, Distasio Law Firm will provide you with the guidance you need to determine who is best poised to pursue the wrongful death claim.

In general, a Zephyrhills unexpected death lawyer represents the personal representative of the estate to pursue compensation on behalf of beneficiaries, including:

  • A living spouse.
  • Children under 25.
  • Adult children if there is no living spouse.
  • Parents, in matters involving a deceased minor.
  • Parents of an adult, if no spouses or surviving children exist.
  • Blood relatives dependent on the deceased person.

At Distasio Law Firm, it is our goal to relieve the legal burden of pursuing a wrongful death claim for those who have lost a loved one in Zephyrhills. The emotional pain resulting from the loss of a loved one is evermore traumatic when having to fight with insurance companies and lawyers who are denying responsibility on behalf of their clients.

Reach Out for Support With a Free Consultation

A tenacious wrongful death lawyer in Zephyrhills from Distasio Law Firm goes after the compensation surviving family members are eligible to receive. We welcome you to contact us for a free consultation today by calling now.

Florida Law Allows Surviving Family Members to Receive Compensation Under a Wrongful Death Claim

A wrongful death claim that you are pursuing falls under Florida civil laws. However, local law enforcement may also pursue separate criminal charges depending upon the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death.

The Amount You May Receive Depends Upon the Circumstances of Your Claim

The civil compensation that plaintiffs pursue is both similar and different from the types of awards that one may seek under a traditional personal injury lawsuit. Each case is unique, which means that, if you win your claim, you may receive different financial restitution than others.

In general, Distasio Law Firm has recovered losses for surviving beneficiaries under Florida Statute 768.21 in past claims, including:

  • Medical bills and funeral expenses
  • Lost future earnings and support
  • Loss of companionship
  • Mental anguish
  • Property damage
  • And other related losses

A proactive Zephyrhills wrongful death attorney from Distasio Law Firm will gather and preserve the evidence necessary that demonstrates your rights to compensation for the given circumstances. There is a limited timeline by which you have to file a claim per Florida Statute 95.11, which means that it is vital to speak with Distasio Law Firm about your wrongful death case as soon as possible.

Learn More About How a Zephyrhills Wrongful Death Attorney From Distasio Law Firm Can Help You

If your family was affected by your loved one’s wrongful death, Distasio Law Firm is here to guide you through the entire process. We will assert your rights every step of the way through personalized legal care and service.

You can learn more about your options for pursuing compensation related to your financial, physical, and emotional losses during a free consultation with a Zephyrhills wrongful death lawyer. Call Distasio Law Firm today to request yours.

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