Insurance Coverage for Personal Use of Automobile While in the Course and Scope of Your Employment

Here is a topic not many people know about, BUT EVERYONE who runs errands for their employer SHOULD know about.

For most people, using their car to run an errand for their employer, like that trip to Staples, Office Depot, the Bank, etc., is harmless and actually helpful to the employer. But did you know, if you are involved in an automobile accident while you are on that errand, you are considered to be in the course and scope of your employment. In fact, your automobile insurance carrier may try to take the position that they are not responsible for covering you and instead you should be covered by your employer’s insurance coverage. One way your automobile insurance carrier may try to deny you coverage is to claim you did not disclose to them that you use your vehicle to run those occasional errands. The remedy is simple, disclose to your insurance carrier the extent you will be using your vehicle for employment and you should have coverage in the event you are in an accident. You may have to pay a little higher of a premium, but it is very much worth it. Or in the alternative, make sure your employer has coverage in the event you are in a car accident.

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