New Jersey Granny Cam Footage Shows Resident Being Abused By Facility Staff

The debate over whether or not to use hidden cameras in nursing homes is a contentious one. Proponents argue that the “granny cams” help to identify nursing home abuse. Furthermore, the evidence the cameras collect helps ensure abusers answer for their actions. On the other hand, opponents of the use of granny cams argue they infringe on resident privacy.

Modesta Alvarado’s family installed a granny cam after finding unexplained bruises on her body. The paralyzed 87 year old was living at Harborage Nursing Home in New Jersey until she died January 16, 2011. According to, her family has since released video captured by the hidden camera that they claim shows Alvarado suffering abuse at the hands of numerous nursing home employees. In an interview, her grandson, Evan Rodriguez, said the video shows one worker asking Alvarado, “Lady, why don’t you die?”

Alvarado’s family has since hired a nursing home abuse lawyer to file a lawsuit. So far only one employee faces criminal charges. Julia Galvan has been charged with assault, abandonment, and neglect of the elderly.


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