Rate of Suspect Slip and Fall Accidents Increasing Across the US

When a person visits a public place like a store, he generally have certain expectations. He probably expects the location to offer certain goods. He likely expects decent customer service. Most Americans have other expectations they may not consider until an accident occurs. They expect that when walking down an aisle, no falling objects will hit them. They believe locations will protect them by hiring guards and using proper technological precautions, ensuring they do not have negligent security. And most Americans also believe that a location will be properly maintained and any damages repaired to prevent slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall injuries often occur as a result of maintenance or repair negligence. In Florida they are considered a type of personal injury claims. The negligence can be associated with poor lighting, broken or uneven walkways or stairs, or wet floors. Property owners must recognize any potential dangers and address them in a timely fashion.

The Middletown Journal reports that insurance claims associated with slip and fall accidents are increasing across most of the United States. Slips and falls are one of the most common types of injuries that customers and employees suffer. While the majority of claims are legitimate accidents, a spokesman for the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Frank Scafidi, states some falls are staged. Just as some con artists construct staged car accidents, experts suspect many of these falling accident injuries may be the result of contrived dangers. In a staged slip and fall, the victims may pour liquid or small objects on floors. They may also simply fake falls and injuries.

Experts believe the increase in staged slip and fall injuries may be associated with the struggling economy. Those who resort to this insurance fraud may see it as a quick way to make money. But the increase in claims can lead to rising insurance premiums which businesses often pass on to their customers through increases in costs. In 2010, Nationwide Insurance referred 1,944 slip and fall claims to the National Insurance Crime Bureau due to questionable circumstances. In 2011, that number rose 12 percent to 2,168. Some businesses are turning to surveillance cameras to catch con artists in the act in order to protect themselves and their customers.

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