Who Is Responsible for Paying Your Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

The driver whose negligence caused a collision is the person who is responsible for paying your medical bills after a car accident. The at-fault driver and/or their insurance company should be held accountable for your current and future medical care. If your accident was caused by an uninsured driver or by a hit and run driver, you might have to rely on your own insurance policy.

Knowing where to turn for coverage of your accident-related medical bills can be complex and confusing. Much depends on the circumstances of your accident. Our team of car accident lawyers can review your case and help clarify who is responsible for your medical bills and additional expenses. We can also help you build an evidence file that supports your right to compensation and then negotiate with the appropriate insurer.

How Auto Insurance Compensates You for Medical Bills

Every state in the U.S. requires drivers to have auto insurance to ensure that the costs of an accident can be covered. Per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the medical bills you incur in an accident are covered by the driver whose negligence was the cause of the collision. You and your insurance company are only responsible if:

  • The at-fault driver is uninsured
  • The at-fault driver is underinsured
  • The at-fault driver fled the scene

If an investigation into the accident finds that you were responsible for its cause, then you and your insurer will bear responsibility for your medical bills. Your insurance will cover your costs up to your policy limits.

How does Insurance Work in a Hit and Run Accident?

Unfortunately, there are times when you may be forced to cover the costs of your own medical bills after an accident. Being injured by a hit and run driver is one of those circumstances.

If you were injured by a hit and run driver, we will do everything we can to identify the at-fault driver, including:

  • Conducting an independent and thorough investigation
  • Collecting evidence and debris from the accident scene
  • Locating and interviewing accident witnesses

You should not have to face financial strain because of another driver’s negligent actions. When our personal injury team manages your case, we work hard to help you find and pursue the at-fault driver. We also calculate the costs of your medical bills and negotiate for a settlement to cover medical and other expenses related to the accident.

Track Your Eligible Medical Bills

After an accident, it is important to understand the range of medical bills that may be eligible for compensation. Post-accident medical bills should include all the costs you incur until you reach maximum medical improvement according to your health care team. These may include:

  • Emergency care
  • Hospital stays
  • Physical therapy
  • Rehabilitation

Medical expenses may also include assistive medical devices and required medications. Our team will collect your medical records and bills to prove their value. We also use your written prognosis to determine the costs of medical care you will likely require in the future.

Additional Expenses Covered by Auto Insurance

Medical care is only one type of compensation that you can seek after a car accident. The driver who caused the accident can also be compelled to compensate you for:

  • Current and future income loss
  • Property damage or total loss
  • Diminished property value
  • Mental and emotional anxiety
  • Ongoing pain and suffering

Our team will create an inclusive list of the expenses you can potentially recover. We are careful to ensure that nothing is omitted and the at-fault driver bears full responsibility for their negligence.

Let Our Florida Personal Injury Team Fight for You

You do not have to pursue compensation after a car accident on your own. Our team brings a personal touch to legal representation by treating you like an individual, not a case file. We listen to the details of your accident with compassion as we glean critical information that supports our fight for you.

Not only are we passionate about helping injured clients get compensation, but we are equally passionate about holding negligent drivers responsible for your damages.

In some cases, the at-fault party in a car accident might not be the other driver. If your accident was caused by a faulty or defective vehicle or vehicle part, we can pursue the manufacturer for your recoverable damages. In addition, our team is not afraid to take your case to court to ensure that you get fair and appropriate compensation.

Get a Free Review of Your Car Accident Case

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